What is the mission of a Christian school?

What is the mission of a Christian school?

That the purpose of Christian education is to instruct the believer so that he grows in grace and moves toward the goal of Christ-likeness. That the Christian school should be founded on the fact that all truth is of God and that the Word of God is the main source of the knowledge of God.

What is a Christian mission statement?

An effective Mission Statement supports your personal core values, spiritual gifts, strengths, and passion: Our mission will support how God made us. We are built for a mission to do something that only we can do. He created you for a purpose.

What is the importance of vision and mission in school?

For schools, they make a public statement about what the school sees as the purpose of education and how students should learn. Vision statements outline a school’s objectives, and mission statements indicate how the school aims to achieve that vision. Schools might have one or both.

Why is a shared vision important to continuous school improvement?

This concept, known as shared vision, fosters success because everyone becomes part of the process, understanding and believing in his or her role in the day-to-day pursuits of helping students learn in productive ways. All have ownership in that ideal and are committed to change.

What are the 5 missions of the church?

The marks were adopted by the General Synod of the Church of England in 1996 and many dioceses and other denominations used them as the basis of action plans and creative mission ideas. Some churches abbreviate the five marks to five words: TELL – TEACH – TEND – TRANSFORM – TREASURE.

What is your mission example?

To give you some inspiration, here are some examples readers have shared with me: “To inspire positive change through teaching and coaching.” “To create opportunities for today’s youth.” “To encourage, engage, and equip others to believe in the possibilities.” “To positively impact the life of every person I meet.” “To …

What is a mission statement for a student?

General Mission Statements for Students To build a network of like-minded individuals with a passion for learning. Pursuing an education will help me open doors as well as open my mind to new possibilities. To discover my passion and where my skills are best suited. To become the person I was meant to be.

How do you articulate a school vision?

The Process

  1. Gather Documents. Identify documents that impact education in your district and relate to the subject being reviewed.
  2. Review Documents.
  3. Consider Characteristics of Effective Vision Statements.
  4. Brainstorm Ideas and Identify What to Include in the Vision Statement.
  5. Articulate the Vision Statement.

How do schools establish vision?

When developing the vision, school leaders should consider:

  1. What school communities and teachers value.
  2. The beliefs about learning that underpin practice.
  3. How current practice helps to achieve what is valued.
  4. How new practices will help to achieve what we value.

What are the three fold mission of the church?

President Spencer W. Kimball outlined the three major elements of the mission of the Church: proclaim the gospel, perfect the Saints, and redeem the dead.

What is the mission of South Christian high school?

Mission: Empowering a diverse community, united by Christ, to achieve excellence in education for the flourishing of all creation. South Christian High School. Vision: to be a spiritually vibrant educational community that reflects God’s Kingdom.

What is the purpose of a school mission statement?

The mission statement describes the reason for existence as well as a reference point, a reminder. Along with the core beliefs and core values, a mission statement provides the boundaries for which the school stakeholders agree to work creatively within.

Do you love or hate your school’s mission statement?

When a mission statement defines a school so well that it feels somewhat like strategy or a clear understanding of who they are and why they exist, you love it. When the mission statement is generic, stale, copied from the best statements of sixteen other similar institutions, you tend to hate it.

What is a vision statement?

A vision or aspiration statement is precise, adaptive, and responsive. Its tenets should be reflected in curriculum, assessment, instruction, projects, and learning artifacts. A simple analogy might be arrows and a target. One might immediately associate arrows and vision, right?