How do I use JTextField ActionListener?

How do I use JTextField ActionListener?

  1. implements ActionListener and action class level variable.
  2. Handling an action listener.
  3. Check the event source in actionPerformed method.
  4. Use an Inner Class to handle the event.
  5. Use one inner class to handle events from two buttons.
  6. Get event source from ActionEvent.
  7. Add action listener to JTextField.

What is a JTextField?

JTextField is a lightweight component that allows the editing of a single line of text. For information on and examples of using text fields, see How to Use Text Fields in The Java Tutorial. JTextField is intended to be source-compatible with java. awt.

What is the function of JTextField control?

A JTextField subclass that allows you to specify the legal set of characters that the user can enter. See How to Use Formatted Text Fields.

What is the use of ActionEvent class?

Class ActionEvent. A semantic event which indicates that a component-defined action occurred. This high-level event is generated by a component (such as a Button ) when the component-specific action occurs (such as being pressed).

Which method is used to processed ActionEvent?

Explanation: The getModifiers() methods returns a value that indicates which modifiers keys (ALT, CTRL, META, SHIFT) were pressed when the event was generated.

Which of the following are the methods of ActionListener?

The ActionListener interface is found in java. awt. event package. It has only one method: actionPerformed().

Which object can generate an ActionEvent?

The ActionEvent is generated when button is clicked or the item of a list is double clicked.

What is ActionEvent?

This high-level event is generated by a component (such as a Button ) when the component-specific action occurs (such as being pressed). The event is passed to every ActionListener object that registered to receive such events using the component’s addActionListener method.

What is return type of getSource method?

The getSource() Method Since the return type of getSource() is Object (the class at the very top of the class hierarchy) use a type cast with it: // listener method public void stateChanged( ChangeEvent evt ) { JSlider source; source = (JSlider)evt.

What is jtextfield in Java Swing?

I n this tutorial, we are going to see an example of JTextField in Java Swing. JTextField is part of the javax.swing package. JTextField class is a component that allows modifying a single line of text. JTextField inherits from JTextComponent class and uses the SwingConstants interface.

Is it possible to add ActionListener to jtextfield?

The method addActionListener (java.awt.event.ActionListener) in the type javax.swing.JTextField is not applicable for the arguments (new ActionListener () {}) How do I properly create an actionlistener for what I’m trying to do?

How do I capture key events in jtextfield?

Adding event listeners for JTextField We can capture the event in which the user hits Enter key while typing in the text field. For example: Capture key events which happen while the user is typing into the text field: The order of key events is key pressed, key typed and key released.

What is notifyaction in jtextfield?

The class JTextField is a component which allows the editing of a single line of text. static String notifyAction − Name of the action to send notification that the contents of the field have been accepted.