How many endings to Life is Strange?

How many endings to Life is Strange?

six different endings
Officially, there are six different endings you can see, but these are slight variations on two core outcomes you can choose from when it comes to the close of chapter 5.

What is the true Life is Strange ending?

After piecing together the photos, they discover the location of her body. She was buried in a junkyard, where she had been the whole time. She never left for a better life and her entire future ended right there. The town had swallowed her up, making all their efforts to find her tragically futile.

What happens in Life is Strange before the storm Episode 3?

James Amber decides to tell Rachel everything about Sera, the woman they saw at the overlook. The story plays out in a sequence of memories that both Rachel and Chloe examine through a viewfinder. Use your controller or mouse to hover over and initiate each memory.

Is there a way to save William in Life is Strange?

How to Save William in Life is Strange. The first thing Max needs to do in order to save William, is to actually fail at the task, and let him find his keys. This shows Max in Life is Strange where the keys are located, so she can rewind time and pick them up before William does.

Who killed Rachel in life is strange?

Jefferson reveals that Rachel was in love with him and that she loved having pictures taken of her. He also reveals that Nathan accidentally killed Rachel with an overdose whilst trying to impress Jefferson (whom he saw as a father-figure) by taking pictures of her drugged (as Mr.

How long was Rachel dead in life is strange?

Unbeknownst to Chloe, Rachel lived a double life with Frank Bowers, her boyfriend. Six months prior to the return of Max Caulfield, Rachel “moved” to Los Angeles without Chloe and went missing….Jurassic World: Dominion Dominates Fandom Wikis – The Loop.

Rachel Amber
Cause of Death Overdosed by Nathan Prescott
Age 19

Why does Life is Strange ask if you sacrifice Arcadia Bay?

As noted by Koch himself on Twitter, Life is Strange 2 starts out by asking players if they chose to save or sacrifice Arcadia Bay, so this actually suits itself to the player choice. So there is still no “canon” ending to LiS1. Shacknews regrets this error.]

Did Rachel manipulate Chloe?

The thing about her being manipulative is most confirmed in the original game, where we learn that she was seeing people behind Chloe’s back (I don’t think they were a couple or anything, but still) and was planning to leave town without her despite everything they’d promised.

Is Rachel the DOE?

Obi-Wan Finale – The Loop The Doe in Max’s vision of the storm. The Doe appears during Max Caulfield’s vision of the Storm of October 11, 2013 in the first episode of Life Is Strange, “Chrysalis”. The doe is believed to be a personification of Rachel Amber’s soul.