What does the notebook do in Sims 4?

What does the notebook do in Sims 4?

You can click on it and a selection of options will pop up to choose from. This is really handy if your Sim is sad or angry, etc. and helps fix these emotions. If the Sim is a teen or younger, writing in the journal will also help with emotional control!

Where can I find the notebook in Sims 4?

Re: Sims 4 GTW: How to view the Police Notebook in the Detective Career. Click on the sim’s phone. At the top, next to the silence/un-silence phone option, there’s a new button to view the notebook.

Can The Sims 4 run on notebook?

Absolutely. Many laptops meet and exceed the minimum requirements in order to successfully play Sims 4. If you want it to run really smoothly, however, look for a laptop with plenty of ram, 8GB of ram being a good choice, and a powerful processor with an integrated graphics card.

What is the diary called in Sims 4?

Private Journal
Hide Journal: Sim takes journal to place in their bed….The Sims 4: Parenthood.

Private Journal
Buyability Build mode
Price in game §28
Object type(s) Activities and Skills

How do I build a pond in Sims 4?

How to build a pond in The Sims 4

  1. Use the terrain tool to make your pond shape. (Image: © EA / Maxis) In Build/Buy Mode head over to the terrain tools and select “Lower Terrain” within the “Paint Tool” area.
  2. Fill it with water. (Image: © EA / Maxis)
  3. Accessorize it. (Image: © EA / Maxis)

How do you graft snapdragons in Sims 4?

Grafting plants This is the only way to obtain some of the rare gardening items in The Sims 4. To do this, you’ll need to cut off a piece of one plant and graft it on to a target plant. This will allow a hybrid plant to grow, allowing for the growth of multiple produce at once.

Is an HP notebook good for Sims 4?

You should be able to play SIMS 4 on the PC without any problem and since the screen resolution is 1366×768 you should be able to play in high detail. The graphics in the notebook is integrates Intel HD 5500. If you go on various forums you can see that many users have played with these specs.

Can you play Sims 4 on HP notebook?

Sims 4 works on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 and MacOS X 10.7. 5 (Lion) or higher. So there isn’t anything that you can do.

How do you write journal?

6 Tips for How to Write a Journal

  1. Choose your kind of journal. You have several options for how to keep your journal.
  2. Date your entry. You think you will remember when it happened, but without a written date, you might forget.
  3. Tell the truth.
  4. Write down details.
  5. Write down what you felt.
  6. Write a lot or a little.

Are there memories in Sims 4?

In The Sims 4, the memory system is a mixture of the one in The Sims 3 and the photo album in The Sims and The Sims 2. Players can use all of the screenshots they have taken to make memories. Each memory can also have its own emotion.

Why do Sims drown?

Drowning typically occurs when a Sim suffers from energy depletion while in a swimming pool or other body of water. Drowning normally requires the player to force the Sim to drown as Sims will usually get out of a pool before they drown, if they are able to do so.

How do you grow a money tree Sims 4?

The money tree returns in The Sims 4: Seasons and, like The Sims 3, must be planted and grown by a Sim. The seed for the plant is available for 5,000 reward points in the aspiration rewards store. It can be planted in any season. It takes 7 days for the money tree to fully grow into a tree with golden leaves.

What plant sells for the most Sims 4?

Which plants make the most money in Sims 4?

  • Aubergine. Oversized Aubergines sell for 200 to 365 Simoleons.
  • Lettuce. Oversized Lettuce can sell for 300 to 580 Simoleons.
  • Mushroom. Oversized Mushrooms sell for 390 to 740 Simoleons.
  • Pumpkin. Oversized Pumpkins are worth 230 to 440 Simoleons.
  • Watermelon.

Are there spiral staircases in The Sims 4?

The Sims 4 doesn’t currently have spiral staircases. In patch 84, stairs are configurable through the use of an additional widget, which allows the player to bend a staircase in any direction, allowing for the creation of L-shaped, T-shaped, and U-shaped staircases.

Can I play Sims 4 on Chromebook?

You can download The Sims FreePlay and The Sims Mobile from your Chromebook’s built-in Play Store. You can’t play The Sims 4 on your Chromebook. It is too data-dense for Chrome OS to run seamlessly.

How do I install Sims 4 on my HP laptop?

Install Sims by purchasing it from Origin.

  1. Type sims 4 into the search bar and press ⏎ Return .
  2. Click The Sims 4 in the search results.
  3. Click Get the Game.
  4. Select a subscription or click Buy Now to pay the one-time fee of $39.99 (USD).
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to pay for and download the game.

What is the recommended laptop for Sims 4?

4.dell gaming g3 15 3500 15.6 inch full hd 120hz laptop for sims. Best laptop for sims 4 and all expansions. It comes with a robust 10th gen intel core i7 processor with a 5.0 ghz clock frequency. I’m willing to go up to $900 and anything below.

What are good computer for Sims 4?

Mytrix Strix Scar 15 by ROG Gaming Laptop. Wanna live your sims 4 dreams?

  • CUK GP76 Leopard 17 Inch Gaming Notebook. You’re addicted to the sims 4,and now it’s time to get an upgrade.
  • Alienware m15 R4 Gaming laptop.
  • Razer Blade 14 Gaming Laptop.
  • ASUS TUF Dash 15 (2021) Ultra Slim Gaming Laptop.
  • CUK GF65 Thin by MSI.
  • How do you install Sims 4 on a PC?

    With a few changes in the Settings of the game, you can improve the performance of Sims 4 on your PC and stop the lagging issue. Open the Game Options in Sims 4 and select the Graphics tab. Also, the other settings according to your PC and apply them. Check if there are any updates available for Sims 4 in its Settings.

    Will the Sims 4 work on this laptop?

    This means that pretty much any modern desktop or laptop can get The Sims 4 up and running if you’re willing to turn down some graphics settings. If you want to install ‘photorealistic mods’ and/or play with the graphics turned all the way up, then your PC needs to pass the recommended requirements in order to ensure a fun gameplay experience.