What is LS Trunion upgrade?

What is LS Trunion upgrade?

Product Description. These LS Series retrofit trunion kits are designed to convert stock LS Series rocker arms into captured roller bearing rocker arms. The factory bearings are a known failure on the LS Engines.

What means trunnion?

Definition of trunnion : a pin or pivot on which something can be rotated or tilted especially : either of two opposite gudgeons on which a cannon is swiveled.

What are trunnion bearings?

Trunnion bearings are very specialized bearing mechanisms. Sometimes, a shaft not only has to rotate, but the assembly connected to the shaft has to rotate as well. Other times, the shaft has to be free to move around in circular motions. Your shoulder joint is a trunnion bearing.

What are trunnions on a car?

In older cars, the trunnion is part of the suspension and either allows free movement of the rear wheel hub in relation to the chassis or allows the front wheel hub to rotate with the steering.

What is a trunnion bracket?

Trunnion mounting brackets are designed for use on American Cylinder’s Stainless Steel Series Cylinder and Magnetic Field Cylinder lines for both block front and block rear trunnion mount cylinder models.

What is trunnion lifting?

The Trunnion Spreader Beam provides a shackle free lifting solution that revolutionizes the rigging industry by offering an efficient, lightweight and economic below-the-hook solution.

What is trunnion and why it is needed?

Trunnions are precision ground bearing mounts that allow you to mount a fixture to the surface, usually on a riser, and will allow full rotation of the fixture and parts placed on it. This is ideal for use when you need maximum access to both the top, bottom, and sides of the part.

What is a trunnion in a car?

The trunnions are the protrusions from the side of the barrel that rest on the carriage.

What is the best trunnion upgrade kit?

Comp Cams trunnion upgrade kit, part number 13702-KIT, comes complete with everything needed to upgrade all 16 rocker arms. The kit has seen widespread use in NASCAR, NHRA, IHRA, and other forms of racing where the stock rocker arm body must be used.

What is a rocker arm trunnion kit?

The kit utilizes a much stronger alloy steel trunnion in place of the factory powdered metal unit, along with fully captured needle bearing sets held in place in the rocker arm body by snap rings.

How do you change the trunnion in an LS rocker arm?

Changing the trunnion in an LS rocker arm is easy. The factory trunnion can be tapped or pressed out, and Comp has a special tool to aid in the removal of the old trunnion that also helps when installing the new bearings and trunnion.

Are rocker arm trunnions bad for a V-8 engine?

While the excellent design and capability of the LS-series V-8 has been well proven after a decade and a half of production, it still has a few small weaknesses that can lead to trouble in a performance application. One of those is the rocker arm trunnions. First, a little design history.