When was the Philippeion built?

When was the Philippeion built?

The Philippeion was erected by Philip II, King of Macedonia after the victory of Chaeroneia in 338 BCE. Originally there were 18 Ionic columns and inside were gold and ivory statues of Philip’s family.

Which sculptor was responsible for the statue group erected in Philip’s tholos the Philippeion at Olympia?

It was made by the Athenian sculptor Leochares in celebration of Philip’s victory at the battle of Chaeronea (338 BC). It was the only structure inside the Altis dedicated to a human.

What was the Philippeion used for?

The monument was also used for the worship of the deified royal family of Macedon. The Philippieion was a particularly elegant building. Eighteen Ionic columns stood on a three-stepped marble base and supported a stone entablature. The roof had marble tiles and a bronze flower on the top.

What was the Treasury of Atreus used for?

Treasury of Atreus. Limetone rocks used as building material. Agamemnon raised fleet to bring back Helen (of Troy) to his brother. he sacrificed his daughter to obtain a favorable wind.

What does tholos mean in Greek?

Definition of tholos 1 : a round building of classical Greek date and style. 2 : a circular tomb of beehive shape approached by a horizontal passage in the side of a hill.

How big is the Treasury of Atreus?

The Treasury of Atreus or Tomb of Agamemnon is a large tholos or beehive tomb on Panagitsa Hill at Mycenae, Greece, constructed during the Bronze Age around 1250 BC. The stone lintel above the doorway weighs 120 tons, with approximate dimensions 8.3 x 5.2 x 1.2m, the largest in the world.

Who is buried at the Treasury of Atreus?

Is the Temple of Hera still standing?

The Temple of Hera was at one time the second greatest temple in Greece, after the Acropolis in Athens, so it is an important historical site. However, the ruins are so incomplete that it’s very difficult to understand or visualise what it was like. The iconic single column is the only large piece of building standing.

What is a Dromo?

noun, plural drom·oi [drom-oi, droh-moi]. Archaeology. a passageway into an ancient subterranean tomb. a racetrack in ancient Greece.

What does Epinaos mean?

Definition of epinaos : a room in the rear of the cella of an ancient Greek temple — compare pronaos.

Who built Tiryns?

Thus Greek legend links the three Argolic centers with three mythical heroes: Acrisius, founder of the Doric colony of Argos; his brother Proetus, founder of Tiryns; and his grandson Perseus, the founder of Mycenae.

What is inside the Treasury of Atreus?

there are also underground chambers of Atreus and his children, in which were stored their treasures. There is the grave of Atreus, along with the graves of such as returned with Agamemnon from Troy, and were murdered by Aegisthus after he had given them a banquet.