Are Karhu skis good?

Are Karhu skis good?

It has a big shovel, and the tip is quite soft (flex-wise). The result it excellent float and soft-snow performance, be in downhill, uphill, or on the flats. In truly soft snow conditions the Guide may be one of the more efficient trail breakers around, being wide enough to float well, and still quite light.

Does Karhu still make cross country skis?

And this year—while you still might find leftovers on the shelves—the Karhu brand is officially dead.

How do I know if my skis are Waxless?

Waxless skis have smooth glide zones on their tips and tails, and scales on the kick zones underneath our boots.

How long should my cross country skis be?

To calculate the length of your classic cross-country skis you should add 15 to 20cm to your height. Your weight and skiing ability should also be taken into account.

Who bought Karhu?

In 2008, Karhu Sporting Goods sold the Karhu brand to Karhu Holding B.V., a Dutch holding company led by Huub Valkenburg and Jay Duke. Karhu signed an agreement with Italian Paralympic Committee to dress athletes competing at the 2016 Summer Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro.

What size cross country skis for 5’2 woman?

Recommended Ski Pole Length by Height
Skier Height Recommended Ski Pole Length –Classic Recommended Ski Pole Length – Skate
5′ – 5’1” 125cm 135cm
5’2” – 5’3” 130cm 140cm
5’4” – 5’5” 135cm 145cm

How do you size yourself for cross country skis?

To size a traditional pair of cross country skis, start by multiplying your height in inches by 2.7, then add 15 inches to that number to get a good approximation of your size. Next, check to make sure that you’re in the weight range for your chosen skis.

Can you cross-country ski with telemark skis?

Cross-country skis are meant only to travel across flat or tame terrain, while telemark and alpine touring skis allow for vertical travel. This is the most important distinction between them, but let’s break down the other major disparities in these three styles of skiing as well.