Did Shirley Jones actually sing in The Music Man?

Did Shirley Jones actually sing in The Music Man?

SHIRLEY: Oh, yes, of course! He wanted to do that and I did, too. We loved singing together. Jack taught me a lot about singing.

What musical is trouble in River City from?

The Music ManYa Got Trouble / PlayThe Music Man is a musical with book, music, and lyrics by Meredith Willson, based on a story by Willson and Franklin Lacey. Wikipedia

Who was the marching band in The Music Man?

LTHS Music Man Marching Band 50th Anniversary This was when the LTHS marching band was named the official band of the movie “Meridith Wilson ‘s The Music Man” which was debuting in theaters on that day starring Robert Preston and Shirley Jones.

What movie has the song 76 Trombones?

The Music ManSeventy Six Trombones / Movie

Did Shirley Jones do the singing in Carousel?

Shirley Jones was unavailable to re-record that line when Gordon MacRae was brought in to replace Frank Sinatra. Jones’ voice sings this line on the soundtrack album.

Is Shirley Jones a soprano?

It all adds up to the publicly familiar Shirley Jones, whose crystalline soprano voice and dewy prettiness made her an immediate star in the 1950s film versions of “Oklahoma!” and “Carousel” and who captured a subsequent generation of fans in television’s “The Partridge Family” in the 1970s.

Where did the saying trouble in River City come from?

John utters the phrase, “trouble, trouble in River City”. Mentioned. Professor Harold Hill from The Music Man used the scheme of “Fake trombones for a fake band” like Jess mentions.

What was the band at the end of Music Man?

Below is Robert Preston performing Harold Hill’s song “Ya Got Trouble,” and underneath is the final scene of the movie, a huge band performing “76 Trombones.”

Who sang the song 76 Trombones?

Robert PrestonSeventy Six Trombones / Artist

How many versions of Music Man are there?

The Music Man has been adapted into two movies: in 1962 and 2003. The Music Man was a huge hit on Broadway, and it became a huge hit in the cinemas as well. There were a few big stars in mind to play the role of Harold Hill, such as Frank Sinatra and Cary Grant.

Was Frank Sinatra supposed to be in Carousel?

Original casting. Frank Sinatra was originally cast to play Billy Bigelow. He even pre-recorded the songs he was to sing in the film. Prior to filming, the cast knew they had to film some scenes twice, one for regular Cinemascope and the other for CinemaScope 55.