Do they still make Shasta trailers?

Do they still make Shasta trailers?

Shasta travel trailers were recreational vehicles originally built between 1941 and 2004.

Where are Shasta trailers made?

With the growth in sales over the following 30 years, the “home” factory in L.A. moved to three steadily larger facilities in Southern California, in addition to six other factories established across the country to better serve the regional markets. At the time of its purchase by the W.R.

Is Shasta owned by Forest River?

Shasta’s respected name prevails in today’s fast-moving RV industry because of experience, combined with a strong, service-oriented dealer network, a loyal, repeat customer base, and our outstanding association with our parent company, Forest River.

How much does a vintage Shasta trailer weigh?

Weight of the Compact: 1,125 pounds. Length (Including the Tongue): 13ft.

Is buying an old camper worth it?

Buying an old RV is a good idea because you can use the RV’s depreciation to save money and still have the latest technology. Also, a used RV has already gone through its shake-down period, so the previous owner has identified and resolved any upfront issues.

How much does a 1964 Shasta trailer weigh?

When did the Shasta Airflyte travel trailer Come Out?

2016 Shasta Airflyte, LIMITED EDITION – Step back in time with Shasta’s release of their iconic 1961 Airflyte travel trailer. Shasta was meticulous in recreating their best selling model from ’61. The limited edition 2016 Airflyte has been recreated to look exactly like the original down to the chrome Shasta wings and cut-out Shasta magazine rack.

What is a Shasta travel trailer?

Easily identifiable by its characteristic wings and “canned-ham” design, the Shasta trailer was the greatest selling travel trailer brand from the 1950’s until the 1980’s.

How do I buy a Shasta RV?

Find your local dealer to assist you in your purchase or service of a Shasta RV. Learn to perform general maintenance and routine tasks on your Shasta RV. “Run the Numbers” to look at various scenarios to estimate your monthly payment. Interactive owner’s manuals provide easy navigation to information you need.

How much does a 2012 Shasta Revere trailer cost?

2012 Shasta Revere, 30 trailer for sale! $22,000 OBO Trailer is in great condition with a nice big U shaped dining table as well as a back bunk room with 3… Ready to go!! Shasta 268bh 27′ travel trailer