How do you say the number 2 in Italian?

How do you say the number 2 in Italian?

Sono le due e undici. ˃ It’s 2:11….Italian Cardinal Numbers From 1 to 100.

Numbers and Pronounciations
2 due DOO-eh
3 tre TREH
4 quattro KWAHT-troh
5 cinque CHEEN-kweh

What are numbers in Italian?

Italian numbering rules Numbers from zero to ten are specific words, namely zero [0], uno [1], due [2], tre [3], quattro [4], cinque [5], sei [6], sette [7], otto [8], nove [9], and dieci [10].

How do you count to 3 in Italian?

Counting From Zero To Twenty In Italian

  1. Zero — zero.
  2. One — uno.
  3. Two — due.
  4. Three — tre.
  5. Four — quattro.
  6. Five — cinque.
  7. Six — sei.
  8. Seven — sette.

How do you write 3 in Italian?

Italian numbers 1-10

  1. uno [OOH-noh] one.
  2. due [DOOH-eh] two.
  3. tre [TREH] three.
  4. quattro [KWAHT-troh] four.
  5. cinque [CHEEN-kweh] five.
  6. sei [SEY] six.
  7. sette [SEHT-teh] seven.
  8. otto [OHT-toh] eight.

What is 2in German?

German Numbers 1-20 It’s an easy initial step, and one that will be useful later on while learning the language. One = eins. Two = zwei. Three = drei.

How do you count to 5 in Italian?

How do you write 3rd in Italian?

For instance, to say “eleventh” in Italian, you will drop the final vowel in undici (11) and add –esimo: undic-esimo….Italian ordinal numbers.

Italian English
secondo second
terzo third
quarto fourth
quinto fifth

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