What size should I design for iPhone?

What size should I design for iPhone?


Device Portrait Pixels Landscape Pixels
iPhone 5.8-inch iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone 11 Pro 1125 x 2436 px 2436 x 1125 px
iPhone 5.5-inch (Physical) iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus 1080 x 1920 px 1920 x 1080 px
iPhone 5.4-inch iPhone 12 Mini 1080 x 2340 px 2340 x 1080 px

What size are iPhone apps?

As the minimum storage capacity of iPhone continues to increase—it sits at 32 GB today on the iPhone 7, double the the iPhone 5S’s 16 GB circa 2013—it’s not surprising that the size of apps themselves is getting larger. In fact, Apple raised the app size cap from 2 GB to 4 GB in early 2015.

What is a 1x resolution in mobile app design?

By using 1x, you can easily convert from pixels to pts/dps. For example, 16 pixels in design-speak translate to 16 pts/dps in dev-speak. So 1x (or MDPI), 1 px = 1 pt (iOS) = 1 dp (Android).

What is the size for mobile app design?

Size. When ‘tap’ is the primary input method for your mobile app, Android’s Material Design principles recommend that touch targets should be at least 48 x 48dp, with at least 8dp (or more) between them. This is to ensure balanced information density and usability.

What size should an Apple app icon be?

So, what are the recommended dimensions? For Android devices, the app launcher icons are expected to have dimensions of 36×36, 48×48, 72×72, or 96×96 pixels depending on the device. However, guidelines recommend that the size should be 864×864 pixels as it will help to downscale.

What is the size of UI design?

That’s because Android is the dominant Mobile OS in the world and all (early) Android Devices with 16:9 aspect ratio have 360×640 dp screens. And between iPhone 5 and iPhone X, every regular iPhone Model had a screen resolution of 375×667 pt. I recommend designing at 360×640 for Android and 375×667 for iOS.

What is the size of a phone app?

Average Android and iOS file size Of all mobile apps published on the app stores, the average Android app file size is 11.5MB. And the average iOS app file size is 34.3MB.

What is the standard size for UI design?

What resolution are iPhone icons?

Although the App Store icon is used differently than the small one, it’s still your app icon….App Icon Sizes.

Device or context Icon size
iPhone 60×60 pt (180×180 px @3x)
60×60 pt (120×120 px @2x)
iPad Pro 83.5×83.5 pt (167×167 px @2x)
iPad, iPad mini 76×76 pt (152×152 px @2x)

What size should I design my app icon?

What is the Aspect ratio of an iPhone 11?

The iPhone 11 has three aspect ratios: 1:1, 4:3 and the freshest addition, 16:9.

What is the minimum screen size for iOS app design?

When working on your iOS app design, aim to have a minimum tappable area of 44pt x 44pt for all controls. It will guarantee comfortable interactions for your users. The latest iPhone models feature a relatively large screen, and it means that you can use it to create a better navigation experience.

What is the most popular iPhone screen size for mobile apps?

If you’re designing an app for a tech- or design-savvy audience, the most popular iPhone screen size is likely the newer 414×896 pt *Google Analytics records this at Audience > Mobile > Devices, and then set Primary Dimension to “Screen Resolution”

How to choose the right platform for mobile app design?

Choosing a platform for your mobile application or game, you will have only two options. iOS and Android are the main operating systems. Let’s see specific screen size for mobile app design that should be for iOS and Android app design: Want to create a mobile app and looking for professional developers?

What is the resolution of a mobile phone screen?

Some of the latest mobiles have the same resolution to that of a high definition TV, 1920×1080, separate sets of red, green and blue lights, all present in a 5-inch screen. DPI stands for dots per inch and the figure calculates how many pixels are present either across or down in a single inch of the screen.