Who IS the head of Rajasthan University?

Who IS the head of Rajasthan University?

Chancellor Kalraj Mishra
University of Rajasthan

Motto Dharmo Vishwasya Jagatah Pratishtha
Established 1948
Chancellor Kalraj Mishra
Vice-Chancellor Rajeev Jain
Location Jaipur, Rajasthan , India

Who is commissioner of college education Rajasthan?

Smt Shuchi Tyagi

S. No. Designation Name
1 Commissioner College Education Smt Shuchi Tyagi
2 Additional Commissioner Sh. Tribhuwan Pati, RAS
3 Financial Adviser Sh. Hari Singh Meena
4 Jt. Director (Academics) Dr. Saumitra Nath Jha

Who is education minister of Rajasthan?

Bhanwar Singh Bhati

Bhanwar Singh Bhati Minister of State, Rajasthan Government
Parent(s) Sh. Rughnath Singh Bhati (father)
Residence(s) Vpo.- Hadan, Teh. – Kolayat, Bikaner (Raj.)
Education Graduate (B.A.) in 1998
Alma mater IGNOU,Delhi New Delhi

Is Jaipur university a central university?

Central University of Rajasthan also known as CURAJ is a central university located in Ajmer, Rajasthan, India.

Who made Rajasthan University?

The object and the vision of late Shri Mohanlal Sukhadia, the then Chief Minister, Government of Rajasthan behind the establishment of the college was to develop this college as a nursery for preparing the students for administrative services.

Who is education minister of Jaipur?

. Bulaki Das Kalla
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S.No Name Designation
1 Sh. Dr. Bulaki Das Kalla Hon’ble Minister for Education (Primary & Secondary),
2 Sh. R. R. Harsh SPL. Astt. to Hon’ble Minister
3 Sh.Deepak Tikkiwal Personal Secretary
4 Sh. Barjesh sharma Assistant Secretary

Who is the collector of Jaipur?

officer Rajan Vishal
Jaipur District is a district of the state of Rajasthan in Northern India….

Jaipur district
Headquarters Jaipur
Tehsils 16
• District collector IAS officer Rajan Vishal

How many students are there in Rajasthan university?

5,353 (2022)University of Rajasthan / Total enrollment

What is Jaipur capital?

Jaipur, city, capital of Rajasthan state, northwestern India. It is situated in the east-central part of the state, roughly equidistant from Alwar (northeast) and Ajmer (southwest). It is Rajasthan’s most-populous city.