Who is uniparts?

Who is uniparts?

Uniparts is an Indian based global manufacturer of engineered systems and solutions. The Group is a leading supplier of systems and components for the off highway market and operates out of 6 manufacturing and 4 warehousing locations across 3 continents with its products reaching over 25 countries worldwide.

Why choose Unipart for aftermarket parts logistics?

Unipart has been selected by Jaguar Land Rover to provide aftermarket parts logistics for both the Jaguar and Land Rover luxury automotive brands. The operation will be housed at Jaguar Land Rover’s new 2.94m square foot campus, one of the largest UK warehouse developments for a single customer.

Why choose Unipart to deliver for Jaguar Land Rover?

Unipart has a strong track record with Jaguar Land Rover, and currently operates the Jaguar UK Aftermarket logistics and packer operation, Jaguar Land Rover branded goods, and in-production logistics at the new Jaguar Land Rover Battery Assembly Centre.

What is Unipart doing to be a responsible business?

A major element of our commitment to responsible business is our strong endorsement of the principles as set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Unipart will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the company and its employees uphold and respect the principles detailed below:

How many degrees does Laurea offer?

We have six different Bachelor’s Programmes and three Master’s programmes. Find out which one of them suits you best and apply! International mobility consists of about 550 exchanges between Laurea and its 240 partners worldwide.

What is international mobility Laurea?

International mobility consists of about 550 exchanges between Laurea and its 240 partners worldwide. Laurea’s fields of expertise in RDI activities are sustainable and versatile social and health care, coherent security and service business and circular economy.

What’s new at Unipart Logistics?

Unipart Logistics has succeeded in securing a three-year contract extension with Kimberly-Clark for the management of UK warehouse operations in Barrow, Chorley and Northfleet through 2022. Unipart Logistics named European Reverse Logistics Partner for Liberty Global. Unipart Logistics has achieved a five-year contract extension with Sky.