How fast is a 2014 Yamaha FZ6?

How fast is a 2014 Yamaha FZ6?

Yamaha FZ6R top speed is 129.7 mph 0-100km/h is a little over four with a time of 4.16 seconds.

How many cc is a Yamaha FZ6R?

Yamaha FZ6R is a middleweight motorcycle that carries a 600 cc, 4-cylinder engine.

Is the FZ6R a good beginner bike?

The FZ6R is the perfect starter bike. I own a very similar bike to the FZ6R, the Suzuki GSX-650F. Yes, they have user-friendly power bands, but as others have pointed out, these bikes are way too heavy for a newbie and the center of gravity is *not* way down low like on a cruiser.

When did Yamaha stop making FZ6R?

Yamaha FZ6

2008 Blue Yamaha FZ6
Manufacturer Yamaha Motor Company
Production 2004–2009
Predecessor FZS600 Fazer
Class Standard or sport bike

What year did they stop making the Yamaha FZ6R?

Yamaha FZ6R has been discontinued. See all Yamaha Motor Sport Touring Bikes….Details.

Category Sport Touring Bikes and Learner Approved Bikes
Engine Capacity 600cc
Release date June 2010
Manual Download manual

What kind of engine does a 2014 Yamaha FZ6R have?

Yamaha retains the full aggressive nature of the FZ6R, continuing to offer a great mix of comfort, power and agility. The 2014 Yamaha FZ6R features a light, diamond shaped frame that hosts a 600 cc, liquid cooled 4 stroke, DOHC 16 valves, fuel injected engine.

Is the Yamaha FZ6R a good bike to buy?

The FZ6R is a great combination of performance, handling, and exciting sport bike style, but also with a low seat height that’s both adjustable to fit a wider variety of riders and also narrower where it counts to make it even easier to put both feet on the ground.

How much does a 2009 Yamaha FZ6R cost?

The new 2009 FZ6R is now available in dealerships nationwide with a starting MSRP of $6,990. The motorcycle is available in Team Yamaha Blue/White, Pearl White, Cadmium Yellow and Raven.

Does the BMW FZ6R have a 4-way catalytic converter?

Much like many of today’s high end sport bikes, the FZ6R has a 4-into-2-into-1 midship exhaust. Not only does it provide a throaty, yet comfortably quiet exhaust note, the system also includes 3-way catalytic converter technology to reduce exhaust emissions.