What cartoon came out in 1973?

What cartoon came out in 1973?

List of animated television series of 1973

Title Episodes Year
Sally and Jake 26+1 1973–1974
Wombles 60 1973–1975
The Addams Family 16 1973
Bailey’s Comets 32 1973–1975

What cartoon came out in 1979?

List of animated television series of 1979

Title Episodes Year
Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo 16 1979–1980
Spider-Woman 16 1979–1980
The Super Globetrotters 13 1979
The Thing 13 1979

What cartoons started in 1971?

It’s the Hair Bear Bunch!, and The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show debut on CBS.

What cartoons were out in 1979?

What was the first animated feature film released in 1974?

A list of animated feature films that were first released in 1974 . Originally aired as the 10th installment of the ABC anthology television series ABC Afterschool Special (1972–1997). Dunderklumpen! Originally aired as the 15th installment of the CBS animated anthology series Famous Classic Tales (1970–1984).

What is the name of the cartoon series from the 1960s?

Glory Miller (author) from USA on May 01, 2010: @anonymous: It sounds like you are thinking about characters from the cartoon series “The Herculoids” that ran in the late 1960’s and was shown in reruns in the 70’s..

What happened to DC Comics in 1973?

^ a b Wells, John (October 24, 1997), ” ‘Lost’ DC: 1971-1975″, Comics Buyer’s Guide (1249), p. 125, In the wake of a nationwide paper shortage, DC canceled several of its lower-selling titles in late 1973…

What cartoons did Tarzan and Space Academy have in common?

Tarzan was teamed up with other cartoons, including: Web Woman, Manta & Moray, Super Stretch & Micro Woman, and the Freedom Force; plus, the live action Jason of Star Command (itself a sequel to Space Academy). Not bad, though Jason of Star Command was the most memorable element (apart from Tarzan).