What did Iggy Azalea say about Eminem?

What did Iggy Azalea say about Eminem?

She asked on Twitter if it was truly Eminem she was calling out for ‘lazy bars. ‘ It was an awkward statement for her, but Azalea’s fans slammed her. She further explained that she respected Azalea’s music and persona but calling out Eminem for dropping lazy bars is something that would never sit right with her.

Has Eminem ever been in video games?

Other than this, Eminem has not starred in any other games, only providing music and consultancy for DJ Hero. However, Interscope Records released a custom Eminem model for Quake III: Arena in promotion of a Dr. Dre album. none of this person.

What happened between Eminem and Lord Jamar?

Eminem retaliated by naming Jamar on his surprise 2018 album’s single “Fall.” Despite their feud, Slim Shady recently acknowledged that Jamar’s statements were true and that he was a hip-hop visitor. Eminem’s latest diss track-laden album, “Music to Be Murdered By“, was unexpectedly released and few people were spared.

Did Eminem dated Rihanna?

Singer Eminem is said to have a crush on Rihanna, who is dating baseball star Matt Kemp. Rihanna, is in constant touch with Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, but for her the relationship is purely platonic. “Marshall would date Rihanna in a heartbeat if she showed even the slightest interest.

Does Eminem hate Iggy Azalea?

Em and Azalea’s feud was reignited the following year Things between Eminem and Azalea were quiet for a bit until 2019 when the “Stan” rapper reignited their feud with a line in “Bang” off the WWCD album. In his verse Slim Shady raps: “Compare me to Manson, Marilyn or Charles.

Does Eminem play COD?

Eminem. Eminem likes to play Call of Duty: Black Ops. He also partnered with Activision to provide a download code for The Marshall Mathers LP 2 and an exclusive song at $8.99, with each purchase of Call of Duty: Ghosts.

What did Eminem say about Lord Jamar?

Eminem responded by calling Jamar out on his track ‘Fall’ from his surprise 2018 album, ‘Kamikaze’. “And as far as Lord Jamar, you better leave me the hell alone/ Or I’ll show you an Elvis clone/ Walk up in this house you own/Brush my pelvic bone,” he rapped.

Who called Eminem a guest?

MC Lord Jamar
MC Lord Jamar has claimed he won a debate about white rappers in hip hop, after Eminem said he was “absolutely” a guest in the genre. The US rapper and producer has been a vocal critic of Eminem over the years and previously branded him a “guest in the house of hip hop”.

Does Eminem have beef with Iggy?

What is Eminem’s favorite video game?

During the interview he talks about his song featured on Call of Duty Black Ops, why he loves old school gaming (Donkey Kong & Frogger) & why he find games now of days too hard.”

When did loyal to the game by Eminem come out?

The album was produced by Eminem and consists of remixes of previously unreleased music recorded by Shakur before his death in 1996. Released in the United States on December 14, 2004, Loyal to the Game debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 chart. It was later certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Why did the game say he never diss Eminem?

In December 2021, during an interview with MTV News’ Sway Calloway, The Game said he would never diss Eminem because he considered him to be one of the greatest rappers in Hip Hop. The Compton native has feuded with a handful of rappers over the years, but one person he said he wouldn’t want to go up against was Eminem.

Is Eminem ready to compete with game on’the game’?

Then, when asked to elaborate, Wack referenced Em’s diss tracks toward Machine Gun Kelly and Nick Cannon, seemingly implying that Eminem isn’t ready to compete with Game’s bars and that both the Compton rhymer and his longtime manager will be expecting a response.