What is CSR routers?

What is CSR routers?

Carrier Sensitive Routing (CSR) is an application that allows VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) subscribers to determine and manipulate the routing of individual calls.

What is difference between Cube and voice gateway?

A CUBE is primarily an IP-to-IP gateway that helps connect two or more similar or dissimilar networks, while offering a host of features that a regular voice gateway cannot offer. For example, a CUBE router can connect an H. 323 network to SIP network or vice-versa, or a SIP network to a SIP provider.

What is Telecommunication cube?

Cisco Unified Binding Element (CUBE) enables users to make inbound and outbound calls via their Internet Telephony Service (ITSP). This is extremely helpful when there is a need to connect your ITSP to some sort of Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) infrastructure.

What does CSR 1000v stand for?

The Cisco ® Cloud Services Router 1000v (CSR 1000v) is a virtual-form-factor router that delivers comprehensive WAN gateway and network services functions into virtual and cloud environments.

Is the Cisco CSR 1000v supported on AWS?

The implementation and installation of the CSR 1000v on AWS is different than for the other supported hypervisors. The Cisco CSR 1000v is supported on the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC).

How do I find the IP address of a Cisco CSR 1000v?

On the Services > EC2 > Instances page, select the Cisco CSR 1000v instance. In the displayed Network interfaces, click on “eth0”. A popup window displays showing detailed information about the “eth0” interface. Note the interface’s private IP address.

How do I set up a Cisco CSR 1000v VPC on EC2?

On the Launch with EC2 page, choose the Cisco CSR 1000v release version from the Select a Version drop-down list. Select the Region from the drop-down list. The hourly usage charges for your region are shown under Pricing Details. Select the EC2 instance type from the drop-down menu. Under VPC Settings, click the Set up button.