What is pre stage in drag racing?

What is pre stage in drag racing?

The starting line lights, or Christmas Tree, include two sets of staging lights—prestage and stage—that are linked to sensors that direct two infrared beams across each lane. When your car’s front tires interrupt the first beam, you trigger the prestage light.

What is staging in drag?

Essentially, when staging, you turn on the first staging bulb or your opponent does and waits until the other racer turns on their first bulb. Then both racers in turn push in to turn on their second stage bulb. The opposite of courtesy staging is generally called double bulbing.

What is the distance between pre stage and stage?

The wheel should be rolled in again until the beam is unblocked and again the track surface should be marked. The distance between the two marks should be 12 inches but can vary either way be ¼ inch.

What are the different classes of drag racing?

The four Professional categories are Top Fuel, Funny Car, Pro Stock, and Pro Stock Motorcycle. They, along with Top Alcohol Dragster and Top Alcohol Funny Car, the three “Super” classes – Super Comp, Super Gas, and Super Street – and Pro Mod feature a single class of vehicle in heads-up competition.

What is RT and ET in drag racing?

REACTION TIME (RT) You want your RT to be at or as close to . 500 as possible. If you react faster than that, you’ve just red lighted. 60, 330, 1/8,mph, and 1000 ET and MPH Times. These figures give you the elapsed times at the 60 foot, 330 foot, 660 foot or eighth mile, and 1,000 foot marks.

What does deep stage mean?

The act of deep staging is to roll forward even further out of the pre-stage beams so they go out. You are hence closer to the finish line, now you have less roll out and your reaction times will be quicker but you are now closer to red lighting.

What is a good drag racing reaction time?

400 seconds is considered a perfect Reaction Time). Leave too soon and you “red light,” or foul and are disqualified. Leave too late and you may give your opponent a head start that you can’t overcome, even with a quicker and faster car.

What does RT mean in drag racing?

This is the elapsed time you think your car will run. REACTION TIME (RT) This tells you how quickly you reacted to the green light on the Christmas Tree.

How far is the tree from the starting line in drag racing?

about 7 inches
When the front tires of a vehicle break the first light beam, the pre-stage beam, the pre-stage lights on the Tree indicate that the racer is about 7 inches from the starting line.