Is 1989 the best Taylor Swift album?

Is 1989 the best Taylor Swift album?

Taylor Swift’s 1989 is the best record of the ’10s. No other album has had the same cultural impact, winning the Grammy for Album Of The Year, and setting the tone for the next five years of commercial pop.

How many copies did Taylor Swift’s 1989 sell?

1989 exceeded sales of five million copies in US sales by July 2015, the fastest-selling album since 2004 up to that point. With 6.215 million copies sold by the end of 2019, the album was the third-best-selling album of the 2010s decade in the US.

How good is 1989 album?

In its 2014 readers’ poll, Pitchfork’s readers voted 1989 the No. 41 best album of the year, just a few spots below where she was on the Pitchfork staff’s own list. Pitchfork seems to know this, too: Whenever any Pitchfork-approved artist so much as tweets about her, that’s news.

Is 1989 the most awarded pop album?

🏆 “1989” by Taylor Swift is the most awarded Pop album by any artist in History with 158 awards including GRAMMYs, BBMAs, AMAs, VMAs, EMMY and more.

Did Taylor Swift win any awards 1989?

Grammy Award for Album of t…Grammy Award for Best Pop V…American Music Award for…Billboard Music Award for…iHeartRadio Music Award for…

When did Taylor Swift’s 1989 come out?

1989 is the fifth studio album by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. It was released on October 27, 2014, by Big Machine Records. Following the release of her genre-spanning fourth studio album Red (2012), noted for pop hooks and electronic production, the media questioned the validity of Swift’s status as a country artist.

Did Taylor Swift’s 1989 Perfect the pop crossover album?

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Does Taylor Swift’s new album 1989 really’defies expectations’?

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When did Taylor Swift’s 1989 hit number 1 on Billboard 200?

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