Is the exile Revan?

Is the exile Revan?

The Exile served as a general directly under Revan and Malak during the Mandalorian Wars, and also unoffically became a Jedi Knight (probably self-assumption or one of the few Masters promoted her). Overseeing the final battle at Malachor V, she gave the order to activate the Mass Shadow Generator.

Who was Meetra Suriks master?

A Jedi who was a member of the Jedi Order in the time period prior to the Mandalorian Wars. That Jedi was the Master of the Jedi Knight Meetra Surik and trained her on the planet Dantooine, where a Jedi Enclave was located. The Master refused to take any action when Surik argued with Jedi Master Vrook Lamar’s Padawan.

How many Dark Jedi were exiled?

twelve Dark Jedi survivors
The Exiles, or Jen’jidai in the Sith language, were the twelve Dark Jedi survivors of the Hundred-Year Darkness who were captured and banished by the Jedi Order into the Unknown Regions.

What kind of Jedi was Meetra Surik?

Meetra Surik was a charismatic female human Jedi Master who, while still a Jedi Knight at the time, followed Revan and Malak to war against the Mandalorians, in defiance of the Jedi Council. Because of this she was exiled from the Jedi High Council and came to be known as the “Jedi Exile”.

Who is stronger Revan or the exile?

The EXILE is the strongest: Revan only went up to Level 20. It is implied that The Exile could gain the same power/curse as Darth Nihilus.

What happens to Meetra Surik?

Surik joined Revan in his mission to kill the Sith Emperor, who had been plotting an invasion of the Republic for centuries. She, Revan and Lord Scourge joined forces in their common cause and attacked the Emperor. However, Scourge seemingly betrayed his Jedi allies and stabbed Surik from behind, killing her instantly.

What lightsaber did Meetra Surik have?

Meetra Surik wielded a personal blue-bladed lightsaber during and after the Dark Wars. The tool was constructed by Surik, the Jedi exile, under the tutelage of Kreia.

Who was the first evil Jedi?

The first Dark Jedi was believed to be Xendor, who was the first member of the Jedi Order to fall. Other forerunners included Ajunta Pall and others who, after the Hundred-Year Darkness, were exiled from Galactic Republic space and became the ancient progenitors of the Sith Lords.

How strong is Reven?

Revan is extremely powerful with the Force, and a true master of the Dark Side as a Sith Lord. Revan can use telekinesis, which he often uses to hurl heavy objects in battle, as well as crush and choke enemies, guide his lightsaber when he throws it and has even wielded two more lightsabers telekinetically.

Is Darth Revan in Kotor 2?

No you’re not but the game Kotor 2 allows for you to choose who Revan was, who he loved, etc. The protagonist is arguably of the same importance as Revan (maybe slightly lesser). They are “The Exile” and I don’t think it’ll impact on your enjoyment of the game at all.

Is the main character in Kotor 2 Revan?

Meetra Surik (also known as the Jedi Exile) is the protagonist of Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. Ten years before the events of the story, Surik fought as a Jedi General alongside Revan during the Mandalorian Wars.

Who are the exiles in Star Wars?

The Exiles, or Jen’jidai in the Sith language, were the twelve Dark Jedi survivors of the Hundred-Year Darkness who were captured and banished by the Jedi Order into the Unknown Regions. They would eventually settle on Korriban, overthrow the pre-Republic Sith Empire and replace it with their own Sith Empire, and establish the Sith Order.

Who are the actors in the movie exile?

Exile: A Star Wars Story (Short 2016) – IMDb Exile: A Star Wars Story: Directed by Noel Braham, Pokey Spears. With Noel Braham, Pokey Spears, Georginna Savoye, Bria Roberts. Jedi around the galaxy are being viciously hunted and killed by the evil Galactic Empire.

Was exile ever a form of punishment?

Not all cases of exile were a form of punishment, as any being could place themselves in a self-imposed exile for a wrong they perceived they had done, removing themselves from society to keep them from wronging another again, or for failing a task they had believed they should have accomplished. “Into exile I must go. Failed I have.”

What happened to the exiles of the Sith?

Their premature actions served only to alert the Republic and their defenders that some of the Exiles survived and taken control of a region called Sith Space. Those who remained behind used their alchemical arts to blend their DNA with those of the Sith, allowing their lineage to continue through the Sith species.