Who covered Steely Dan do it again?

Who covered Steely Dan do it again?

More videos on YouTube Amos’s 1998 cover of “Do It Again,” released on the B-side of her biggest Hot 100 hit, “Spark,” is as startling a reinvention of the song as her “Smells Like Teen Spirit” cover was.

Who is on the cover of Steely Dan Aja?

Donald Fagen has said the album was named for a Korean woman who married the brother of one of his high-school friends. The cover photo by Hideki Fujii features Japanese model and actress Sayoko Yamaguchi and was designed by Patricia Mitsui and Geoff Westen.

What does Steely Dan stand for?

5 — Steely Dan is the name of a sex toy. The name was taken from a strap-on-dildo, named Steely Dan III from Yokohama, that was mentioned in William S. Burroughs’ novel Naked Lunch. Steely Dan found inspiration for their band name in the pages of beat writer William S. Burroughs’s novel Naked Lunch.

Why is Steely Dan great?

The band is no stranger to the whims of cultural fashion: rightly celebrated by the 1970s’ savviest critics for their acerbic lyrics, musical creativity, and impeccable songwriting chops, by 2001 their Grammy win for the (excellent) comeback album Two Against Nature was met in the wider culture with utter bewilderment.

Who is the original singer of Do It Again?

Steely Dan
“Do It Again” is a 1972 song composed and performed by American rock group Steely Dan, who released it as a single from their debut album Can’t Buy a Thrill….Do It Again (Steely Dan song)

“Do It Again”
Songwriter(s) Walter Becker Donald Fagen
Producer(s) Gary Katz
Steely Dan singles chronology

Who played guitar on Do It Again by Steely Dan?

“Do It Again” features an electric sitar solo by Denny Dias. The “plastic organ” solo by Donald Fagen was performed on a Yamaha YC-30 with a sliding pitch-bending control.

Is Aja the best album ever?

Aja is ranked as the best album by Steely Dan.

What does Aja stand for?

Americans of Japanese Ancestry (WWII era term used to refer to Japanese-Americans) AJA.

Why did Steve Winwood cancel Steely Dan?

Steve Winwood has pulled out of the tour “due to unforeseen circumstances.” The 23-city run starts in Portland, Oregon on May 20 and continues through July 3 after which Steely Dan will perform 12 rescheduled shows originally planned for October 2021 that were postponed due to COVID-19.

What is Steely Dan’s best album?

The pretense that Steely Dan was an actual band and not just two cynics named Walter Becker and Donald Fagen? Only one thing is clear: Steely Dan’s The Royal Scam is a great album that lives in the shadow of the even greater album that followed it: Aja . Aja is certainly the band’s commercial peak, and it’s probably their artistic peak too.

Is Doctor Wu by Steely Dan a punk song?

The sprawling 1984 double LP was the only punk album featuring covers of Steely Dan alongside Van Halen and Creedence Clearwater Revival. Like the other covers, The Minutemen’s version of “Doctor Wu” shrinks the song into less than half of its original length, with D. Boon and Mike Watt sharing lead vocals.

Why are Steely Dan so popular?

Over the past half-century, Steely Dan have been heroes and villains in equal measure — subversive iconoclasts to some, banal elevator music hacks to others.