How can you tell if furniture has Art Deco?

How can you tell if furniture has Art Deco?

With respect to the Art Deco style itself, it is recognizable by several distinguishing features:

  1. Intricate wood inlays.
  2. Symmetrical or angular lines.
  3. Long, smooth, and sweeping curves.
  4. Lavishness – bold colours, patterns, and prints.
  5. Themes e.g.: animals, V-shapes, stars, sunbursts.

What year is Art Deco furniture?

The Art Deco period is typically in the years of the 1920s and 1930s, and takes its name from the 1925 Paris exhibition. This was the beginning of the first truly modern style after the Edwardian period (1901-1910). It was a whole new style with bright colours being used to enhance visual and 3D designs.

What defines Art Deco furniture?

The term “Art Deco” is short for Arts Décoratifs and is derived from a 1925 Paris exhibition that showcased this new style to the world. Art deco furniture is characterized by symmetrical, clean, rectilinear lines. It combines traditional craftsmanship with modern machinery and materials.

What kind of wood is Art Deco furniture made from?

Beginning Of An Era After the Edwardian period, Art Deco marked the start of modern style (1901-1910). The types of wood used for creating the furniture are maple, walnut, rosewood, and oak. Satinwood and sycamore would be used to inlay the furniture, giving every piece from the base material a contrast full of life.

What colours are Art Deco?

The colors of the art deco period are striking and bold. Colors are often paired or punctuated with high-shine silver, chrome, or black accents. Favorite colors of the era include bright and deep yellows, reds, greens, blues, and pinks.

Is Art Deco furniture considered an antique?

In general, because Art Deco pieces are not considered antiques, their value is on the high end and their prices reflect this. Instead, you need to look at the overall quality of the piece, as well as the unique aspects that would clearly mark them as Art Deco pieces.

How do you do Art Deco on a budget?

These Are Our Favorite Ways to Achieve Art Deco Decorating on a Budget

  1. Add a geometric design to cabinetry with wood trim.
  2. Place an art deco mirror over your home bar.
  3. Use gold hardware and spray paint to add a vintage touch.
  4. Make an art deco backsplash using stick-on tiles.
  5. Upholster your bed frame with velvet.

Is Art Deco furniture a good investment?

Another great thing about investing in Art Deco furniture is that you’re reducing your carbon footprint. By investing in furniture that’s been pre-loved, you’re reducing the amount of waste that you’re producing. Buying vintage furniture can be beneficial in more ways than one.

What antiques are worth investing in?

What antiques are worth investing in?

  • Six early 19th century colonial Anglo-Indian chairs.
  • A fine and rare Patek Philippe Nautilus Ref.
  • A Cartier Art Deco mother-of-pearl mantel clock.
  • An impressive antique collet-set diamond lavliere necklace.
  • ‘The Loss of the ‘Royal George’ by Thomas Buttersworth.

Is it smart to invest in antiques?

Most antique purchases are still a wise investment. It’s just no longer a sure thing that values will increase. Too many have jumped on the antiques bandwagon purely for investment. These individuals often inflate values beyond their natural level and cause them to drop when they dump their investments on the market.

What items increase in value over time?

6 Collectible Items that Increase in Value Over Time

  • Trainers/Sneakers. You might have seen long queues outside fashionable shoe retailers – or even people sleeping overnight outside – all to buy the latest sneakers designed by musicians such as Kanye West.
  • Board games.
  • Football shirts.
  • McDonald’s Happy Meal toys.

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How big is an art deco bedside table with drawers?

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