How did Sarah Hughes win?

How did Sarah Hughes win?

Hughes became the first woman in Olympic history to land two triple jump-triple jump combinations in a 4-minute free skate. Kwan, Slutskaya, and Sasha Cohen (the three skaters that finished ahead of Hughes in the short program), all made significant mistakes in the free skate, clearing the way for Hughes to win gold.

Is Johnny Weir fluent in Russian?

Luckily for viewers at home, Johnny Weir was there to describe the painful scene every step of the way. Apparently fluent in Russian, Weir translated what was being said among Russian Olympic Committee officials and medalist Aleksandra Trusova.

What is Nathan Chen studying in college?

Chen is majoring in statistics and data science at Yale University. He started at Yale in the fall of 2018 and decided to pause his studies in 2020 to focus on his training for the 2022 Olympic Games.

What part of China are Nathan Chen’s parents from?

Nathan Chen was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, to Chinese immigrant parents, Zhidong Chen and Hetty Wang, who originated from Laibin, Guangxi, and Beijing respectively. Chen’s father is a research scientist and his mother is a medical translator.

Why was Russian skater crying?

Alexandra Trusova was upset after winning silver in the women’s singles figure skating competition. The Russian skater, 17, cried and threatened to “never skate again.” Trusova’s medal came as Kamila Valieva fell twice and missed a medal in Beijing.

What does Vincent Zhou study?

He took time away from the classroom to focus on Olympic preparation and improving his skating, but Zhou never forgot his plans to attend college to study Economics and minor in Business. Vincent is a freshman at Brown University, an Ivy League institution in Providence, RI.

What nationality is Karen Chen?

AmericanKaren Chen / Nationality

Are the Chens related?

With successful figure skating careers and same surname, fans are wondering if the two Olympics icons are related. Despite their figure skating success and identical surname, the two are not related.

What happened to Hellboy’s mother?

Her body was chained in her coffin in a church in East Bromwich and watched over by her human children, a priest and a nun. If they could keep her for three nights, Azzael’s claim over her would be broken. When Azzael came on the first night, he incinerated her children.