What are the six essentials for Cub Scouts?

What are the six essentials for Cub Scouts?

Items in bold are on both the Scout Ten Essentials list and the Cub Scout Six Essentials list.

  • Pocketknife.
  • Rain gear.
  • Trail food.
  • Flashlight.
  • Extra clothing.
  • First-aid kit.
  • Sun protection.
  • Map and compass.

What are the six Protect Yourself rules for Cub Scouts?

Grades 4-6

  • RULE 1: Tell an Adult.
  • RULE 2: Unsafe Touches.
  • RULE 3: Smart Choices.
  • RULE 4: Doesn’t Matter Who it Is.
  • RULE 5: Hitting is Wrong.
  • RULE 6: Tell Them to Stop.

What do you need for scouts?


  • A pocketknife or multitool can be handy in a wide variety of situations.
  • A first-aid kit can be a lifesaver.
  • Bring extra clothing to match the weather.
  • Rain gear is very important.
  • A flashlight, headlamp or a rugged penlight is important for finding your way in the dark.

What is the buddy system in Cub Scouts?

The buddy system is when two people pair off and watch out for each other. Using the buddy system is important in swimming, bicycling, hiking, or any other activity. We all like to have a buddy or even more than one really good friend. I hope that in Cub Scouts you can have many friends.

What is the Cub Scout Outdoor Code?

Outdoor Code for Cub Scouts A Cub Scout takes care of the outdoors and keeps the outdoors clean. A Cub Scout knows that putting marks on buildings, trees, or natural objects causes permanent damage. A Cub Scout may enjoy a campÔ¨Āre only with adult leaders. A Cub Scout knows not to play with matches and lighters.

How do I protect my child from Cub Scouts?

For Cub Scouts, the friend should be a parent, other trusted adult, or older child. think are wrong. Children need to be empowered to set personal limits and to resist anyone who fails to respect those limits. Tell a trusted adult anytime you are hurt, scared, or made to feel uncomfortable.

What activities do Cub Scouts do?

Cub Scouts do fun things with other kids! They get to wear a cool uniform, go places, and see things. They play all kinds of sports and build things, like race cars and bird houses. Cubs learn lifesaving skills like first aid, weather preparedness, and safety.

What is a Cub Scouts duty to God?

Any youth or leader who would be a member of the Boy Scouts of America must profess a belief in God and promise to do his or her best to fulfill the spiritual ideals of Scouting.

How can I protect my kids from getting sick?

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  1. Make sure everyone in the family has an annual flu shot.
  2. Teach children good hand washing habits and make sure they are washing their hands often.
  3. Use proper technique when sneezing or coughing.
  4. Regularly sanitize the surfaces that your kids regularly use.

What do new Boy Scouts need?

Most Cub Scouts need: Navy Blue Uniform Shirt. Navy Blue Uniform Bottoms. Rank Hat.