What tank has the best concealment in wot?

What tank has the best concealment in wot?

Alecto has the highest camo rating in the game, higher than a E25, T-34-2G FT, and a Batchat 25t.

Does camouflage work in World of Tanks?

«Camouflage» in World of tanks represents the ability of a tank to hide from the enemy. If used correctly, it helps to attack the enemy from a concealed position or to hide in a way that the enemy will not see you. View range is considered a point in the middle of a tank turret and a fixed radius around it.

How much camo Do bushes give WOT?

Some bushes give a camo bonus up to 50%. But after own shot this effect disappears almost completely. All bushes within 15 meters are keeping only 20% of initial camo bonus.

Is camo permanent in WOT?

Yes you need one camo pattern for each season to get the bonus effect. Yes you can demount and move camo between tanks when the tank isn’t in battle, though you can only move the camo to other tanks of the same nation. Some camo can be used on more then one nation, but those are special camos.

What is foliage transparency?

Turning off foliage transparency changes the trees, bushes, and various other flora that provide a camo bonuses to your tank, to be opaque in sniper mode when they are more than 15m from your tank. Then they will turn completely transparent when you are closer than 15m in sniper mode.

How do I use 3d in World of Tanks?

(Style Details)….To apply a preset style to your vehicle:

  1. In your Garage, click Exterior. In the lower part of the screen, the exterior customization panel is displayed.
  2. Go to the PRESET STYLES tab on the customization panel.
  3. Select a style—it is automatically applied to your vehicle.

How do you customize tanks in World of Tanks?

How to apply

  1. In your Garage, click Exterior.
  2. Go to the CUSTOM STYLES tab on the customization panel.
  3. In the left part of the screen, select a map type for which you want to customize your vehicle.
  4. In the customization panel, click the paint, camouflage, or any other element.

How does spotting work in WOT?

This refers to the area within which all vehicles can be unconditionally spotted within a radius of 50 meters. Once in this zone, you will automatically spot your enemies, just as they will spot you. Enable this option for easier orientation on the battlefield.

What is camouflage in World of tanks?

In fact, the use of the term “camouflage” as used in WoT is technically incorrect. The two-color and three-color coloring, which is intended to distort the actual shape of the armored vehicle and thus reduce its visibility when combined with individual environmental factors, is called “deforming coloring”.

What kind of camouflage do tanks use in Karelia?

Camouflage “Geometrical three-tone” Used by the 1st Tank Division of the 1st Mechanized Corps in Karelia. Camouflage “Summer three-tone”

How do I use the camouflage bonus?

You can apply it separately to a vehicle’s hull, turret, and gun; put together a set from several camos for each season, and adjust camo sizes choosing from small, normal, and large—all of these for each area. For select camos, you can also tweak their looks, working within the set color pallet. Camouflage bonus: +4%for TD; +3%for LTand MT;

What does camouflage look like?

Camouflage “Two-tone geometric” Large geometric foliage-green spots with sharp edges are applied over the base sand color. Used in North Africa. Notes about the camouflage created in the game Technical limitations Example of a black and white texture of a tank Object 704