Does Canada use GS1?

Does Canada use GS1?

Welcome to GS1 Canada! And the barcode is just the beginning. From globally authenticated Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) to industry-driven business solutions for companies of all size across multiple industry sectors, GS1 Canada can help your business go the distance. Find out more about GS1 Canada.

What is the prefix for company?

Before you can begin using GS1 identification keys and barcodes, you need a GS1 Company Prefix….GS1 Company Prefix.

Prefix Description
030 – 039 GS1 US
040 – 049 Used to issue GS1 Restricted Circulation Numbers within a company
050 – 059 GS1 US reserved for future use
060 – 139 GS1 US

What barcode format is used in Canada?

There are two different barcodes that are most commonly used to identify cases: ITF-14 barcodes and GS1-128 barcodes.

How many digits is a GS1 company prefix?

A GS1 Company Prefix is a unique string of four to twelve digits used to issue GS1 identification keys.

Does Canada use UPC?

In Canada, the GS1 Canada maintains global standards for the identification of goods, and deals with bar code issues and maintenance. The process of acquiring a UPC in Canada is virtually parallel to that of the GS1 U.S., only difference being is that GS1 Canada is reserved for Canadian producers and manufacturers.

Are UPC codes the same in US and Canada?

UPCs are the primary barcode used in the US and Canada. Other countries can read and scan UPC codes, but they more commonly use EANs (European Article Numbers). Also known as International Article Numbers, these are similar to UPCs but with different country codes and slightly varying lengths.

Do I need a UPC company prefix?

Unique Identification Throughout All Supply Chains A crucial component of the UPC data string is the 6-9 digit company prefix which uniquely identifies a company. This company prefix is used in many other barcode data structures and EDI transactions.

How a barcode is decoded in Canada?

The EAN contains an additional digit used as part of a country code, but 12 digit UPC barcodes can have a “0” added in front to write them in the EAN system. This “0” is used as the country code for Canada and the U.S., but note that country codes show the country of sale, not the country of manufacture.

How do I get a barcode for my product in Canada?

How do I obtain a UPC number that identifies my company? In Canada, contact GS1 Canada at 416-510-8039 or 800-567-7084 to purchase a company prefix. With this number, your company can assign UPCs for its products. In other countries, contact your national GS1 organization.

How do I get UPC code for Canada?

How do I get a UPC code for Canada?

How can I tell where a barcode is from?

Enter the barcode into a barcode search engine, such as, to discover the manufacturer information for the product. Find the manufacturer’s website, if possible. Enter the lot number found on the product packaging in the manufacturer’s site search if the manufacturer provides a search option.

How much does GS1 barcode cost?

The one-time cost for licensing a single GS1 US GTIN is $30, with no annual renewal fee. The initial cost of licensing a GS1 Company Prefix ranges from $250 to $10,500 which enables you to uniquely identify from 10 to 100,000 products, locations or assets.

Can a company have more than one GS1 prefix?

If you need several additional identification numbers, you can license another GS1 Company Prefix. If you only need a few additional GTINs, you can purchase single GTINs for $30 each.

What is a GS1 Company Prefix?

GS1 Company Prefix. Company prefixes are based on the GS1 prefixes below. Note that since GS1 member companies can manufacture products anywhere in the world, GS1 prefixes do not identify the country of origin for a given product.

What is GS1 Canada?

Welcome to GS1 Canada! GS1 barcodes are scanned over 6 billion times around the world every day, driving commerce across the globe through global standards. And the barcode is just the beginning.

What is the GS1 company database (GEPIR)?

Feel confident in your data — use the GS1 Company Database (GEPIR ®) to verify U.P.C. barcodes, confirm company information, and more. The GS1 Company Database provides basic company information for more than one million GS1 member companies in more than 100 countries.

Does GS1 Canada provide artwork for barcode symbology?

GS1 Canada does not currently provide artwork for barcode symbology. You can use a solution provider to get a barcode based on your GTINs. Apply your new barcodes to appropriate places on your product packaging.