How do I check my flight schedule for Air India Express?

How do I check my flight schedule for Air India Express?

A: Check Air India Express Flight Status in 3 easy steps:

  1. Visit our Air India Express Flight Status Tracker.
  2. Fill up your flight code and the date of the journey in the given field.
  3. Click the ‘search’ button to get the latest information on ‘Flight Status’

Why Air India Express flights are Cancelled?

Reportedly, Dubai Air India Express flights were cancelled as Air India Express flew passengers with covid-positive certificates twice in the last few weeks. It has been reported that a COVID positive person flew from Jaipur to Dubai on September 4, and a similar incident had happened earlier as well.

When India international flights Open?

March 27
On March 8, the civil aviation ministry announced that regular overseas flights will resume from March 27 amid a decline in coronavirus cases.

How to check Air India Express flight status online?

Get complete Air India Express flight status online at We provide accurate real time flight status like arrivals, departures as well as delay time of all Air India Express flights.

How many flights does Air India Express operate per week?

Today Air India Express operates nearly 100 flights per week, mainly from southern states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala in India.Air India Charters Limited is a Public Sector Undertaking of the Government of India.

Which is the best airline in India for domestic flights?

Low-Priced airlines sin India, Air India Express is one of the best in its kind. Transporting around 4.3 million passengers every, it connects over 140 city pairs. Launched on 29 April 2005, it flew three flights that took off at the same time from Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, and Kozhikode.

What are the destinations of Air India Express?

A: Air India Express flies to multiple destinations including Delhi, Mumbai, Coimbatore, Mangalore, Madurai Bahrain among others.