How old is Obidos Castle?

How old is Obidos Castle?

Óbidos Castle is one of the seven wonders of Portugal. It’s ancient. It was built in 713 during the Moorish occupation. In 1148, during the Reconquista, it was captured by Alfonso I, Portugal’s first king.

Is Obidos worth visiting?

If you’re a bookworm on your travels, Obidos is definitely worth visiting. In 2015, it was given the honor of becoming a UNESCO City of Literature, alongside the likes of Barcelona, Edinburgh, and Granada.

Who built Obidos Castle?

Built by Queen Catherine of Austria, wife of King John III (1521–1557), a 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) aqueduct was constructed to carry water from the mountains of Usseira to Óbidos, supplying the fountains of the town.

What is Obidos known for?

The Obidos region is famed for its cherry liqueur called Ginjinha d’Obidos, and no trip to Obidos is complete without savouring this sweet tasting drink in one of the town’s small bars.

What does Obidos mean in Portuguese?

Óbidos (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈɔβiðuʃ] ( listen); Proto-Celtic: *Eburobrittium) is a town (Portuguese: vila) and a municipality in the Oeste region, historical province of Estremadura, and the formerly Leiria district. The town proper has approximately 3100 inhabitants.

How many people live in Obidos?

about 3,100
Retire in Óbidos And don’t be surprised to find that the population in general (about 3,100 in Óbidos proper and 11,800 in the municipality) speaks at least some English due to the constant influx of visitors.

Is Obidos a medieval town?

The area of the town of Óbidos is located on a hilltop, encircled by a fortified wall. Óbidos remains a well-preserved example of medieval architecture; its streets, squares, walls and its castle are a popular tourist destination.

When was the castle in Obidos built?

The castle was built by the Moors after their conquest of the area in 713. Then it was re-taken by the first King of Portugal, Afonso Henriques in 1148. The castle and the walls of Obidos were rebuilt during the reign of King Dinis when the limestone structure was strengthened.

When was Obidos built?

The town’s historic centre is fully within the main local landmark: Óbidos Castle. It was built between the 12th and 14th Centuries and during that period it had major strategic and military relevance for Portugal, which was then an emerging nation.

Is Óbidos a good place to live?

Obidos is a great place to visit or to live if you do remote work. If you want more of a social life move to Caldas which is five minutes away.

What does Óbidos mean in Portuguese?

How do you get around Obidos?

However, if you live outside the walls surrounding the town center, be aware that it will be quite a steep climb to get into Obidos proper. However, once inside, there is no need for a car. If you can manage it, try to walk around the city perimeter on the wall, as this offers the best view of the medieval city.

Is Obidos a good place to live?

Where in Portugal is Obidos?

Some of our experiences in Obidos were sponsored by ARPT Centro de Portugal. While larger cities in Portugal attract much of the attention, the romantic medieval town of Obidos in Central Portugal, just an hour’s drive from Lisbon, is well worth a visit.

Where do expats live on the Silver coast Portugal?

Lourinha is another town that is getting popular among expats. Thanks to its peaceful environment, the town has been attracting expats who want to live close to the beach, but have access to Lisbon easily. Affordable properties in Lourinhã is another reason.

What is the Pousada do Castelo de Óbidos?

The Pousada do Castelo de Óbidos is located in Vila de Óbidos and is one of the 7 wonders of Portugal. This Pousada is of enormous historical importance and includes medieval features from the 9 th century. The castle was given as a wedding present by King D. Dinis to Queen Santa Isabel during their wedding that took place on site.

Where to stay in Óbidos?

At the Pousada de Óbidos you can choose to stay in the castle and have an authentic medieval experience or stay in the Casa do Castelo (located right next to the castle), where you will have an experience closer to that of living in town. The Castle offers 3 suites located in the tower which afford a unique experience.

What are the prettiest Castle villages in Portugal?

The medieval Óbidos village is one of the prettiest and most well conserved castle villages of Portugal. Just a bit less than 80 km from capital Lisbon, this city had a huge strategic importance.

Where is Foz do Arelho?

The History of the Village (and how it all started) The village of Foz do Arelho, belonging to the municipality of Caldas da Rainha, is ten short minutes from the city. Today it is one of the most popular beaches in the Silver Coast, being the place of pilgrimages for countless lovers of the bathing season.