What are the acronyms for international basketball organization?

What are the acronyms for international basketball organization?

The International Basketball Federation, more commonly known by the French acronym FIBA (Fédération Internationale de Basketball), is an association of national organisations which governs international competition in basketball.

What is the French acronym of FIBA?

The abbreviation FIBA, was originally derived from the french term Federation Internationale de Basketball Amateur.

What is the name of the International Basketball Federation?

FIBA, the International Basketball Federation, is the world governing body for basketball. Founded in 1932, we bring together 212 National Basketball Federations from all over the world.

What is the acronym of NBA?

NBANBA / Short name

What does FMA stand for?


Acronym Definition
FMA Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International
FMA Financial Management Authority (various locations)
FMA Financial Management Advisor
FMA Financial Management Administration (various organizations)

What is the meaning of YMCA?

Young Men’s Christian Association
History and Etymology for YMCA Young Men’s Christian Association.

Why is FIBA basketball different?

While basketball is an American invention, FIBA does not follow U.S basketball rules. This divergence between the two bodies is being bridged as FIBA, starting in October 2010, has changed some of its rules by adapting the American ones. One of the differences that they had was the shape of the court.

Is basketball an international sport?

Basketball is today the world’s second team sport, played across all continents, bridging cultural divides and bringing people together through love and appreciation of the game.

Why is basketball called basketball?

For that first game of basketball in 1891, Naismith used as goals two half-bushel peach baskets, which gave the sport its name.

What does NBA and NFL stand for?

National Basketball Association (NBA) National Football League (NFL)

What does FMA stand for in martial arts?

FMA stands for Filipino Martial Art Suggest new definition.

What does the acronym FEMA stand for?

Federal Emergency Management AgencyFederal Emergency Management Agency / Full name

What does YMCA stand for in basketball?

Basketball was invented by James Naismith on or about December 1, 1891, at the International Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) Training School, Springfield, Massachusetts, where Naismith was an instructor in physical education.

What is the acronym of YMCA in volleyball?

The young Morgan carried out his undergraduate studies at the Springfield College of the YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) where he met James Naismith who, in 1891, had invented basketball.

What are international sports federations?

International sports federations form an integral part of the Olympic and Paralympic movements. Each Olympic sport is represented by its respective international sports federation, which in turn helps administer the events in its respective sport during the Games.

How many countries are in the FIBA?

A total of 213 national federations are now members, organized since 1989 into five zones: Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. The FIBA Basketball World Cup is a world tournament for men’s national teams held every four years.

How many international sports federations are recognised by the IOC?

The following are recognised by the Association of the IOC Recognised International Sports Federations (ARISF): There are 11 international federations recognized by the IPC, while the IPC itself serves as the international federation for 10 sports.