What is Shenhe Genshin?

What is Shenhe Genshin?

Shenhe is a cryo polearm wielder, with both support and sub DPS capabilities, who can both buff her own and her teammate’s cryo damage. She can also debuff enemies with her elemental burst, giving your DPS character the perfect opportunity to smash through enemy defences.

How long is Shenhe banner?

Shenhe’s banner, The Transcendent One Returns, is available as soon as Genshin Impact 2.4 goes live on January 5. This banner is going to be active until January 25.

What role is Shenhe?

Support Capabilities. Shenhe works best as a Support character, dealing Cryo DMG to opponents while providing Cryo DMG, Elemental Burst, Elemental Skill, Normal Attack and Charged attack buffs to her party members!

Who is after Shenhe?

What banner is after Shenhe in Genshin Impact? The next banner after Shenhe and Xiao in Genshin Impact is two reruns for Ganyu and Zhongli. MiHoYo’s new character event wishes will become available on January 25th so you only have a couple of weeks to collect the silver-haired debutant as well as Yun Jin.

Should I pull for Ganyu or Shenhe?

Outside of Cryo Teams, Shenhe doesn’t really shine that well. Her Elemental Skill doesn’t fare well in AoE situations, and while her Elemental Burst has potential for Melt teams, Ganyu could be a better option if you want a more flexible Cryo character.

Is Yae Miko the next banner?

Everbloom Violet is Yae Miko’s banner released on February 16, 2022, in the first half of Genshin Impact 2.5….Banner Dates for Yae Miko’s Release.

Banner Start February 16, 2022
Banner End March 8, 2022

Is Xiao An Adepti?

Xiao is an adeptus who protects Liyue, and in the course of his long battle against the remnants of defeated gods all over Liyue, he has become poisoned by their nefarious energy. Based on this background, Xiao’s upper body uses white and green, which represent the adepti and correlate to his Anemo Vision.

Is Xiao stronger than Shenhe?

Shenhe is best with allies in Genshin Impact but Xiao can deal more damage than her. Both characters are strong and fulfill different roles.

Is Yae Miko and Raiden Shogun dating?

Trivia. During the 2.5 Version stream, Ei’s VA gleefully commented how she can’t wait for Yae Miko to appear in the game, causing Aether and Miko’s VA wonder if this was Raiden Shogun’s words. In the official Chinese version of the same stream, Raiden’s VA said “Yae is my girlfriend.” (“八重是我的女朋友.”).

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