Who is the Lead singer of Half Moon Run?

Who is the Lead singer of Half Moon Run?

Devon Portielje
Half Moon Run on CBC Music It’s based on a story line developed by the band with its lead singer, Devon Portielje, playing the main character – a guru who attracts a following for his body jazz and then crashes in a world fuelled with sex, drugs and spirituality run amok.

Who left Half Moon Run?

Isaac Symonds
However, behind the scenes, the band was marking the end of an era: After eight years of serving as Half Moon Run’s crucial fourth wheel, Isaac Symonds announced he was leaving the band on the most amicable of terms.

Where is Half Moon Run from?

Montreal, CanadaHalf Moon Run / Origin

Where is Devon Portielje from?

The ad caught the attention of Devon Portielje, originally from Ottawa. Despite not being a bassist or a drummer, he got in touch with Molander and Phillips who agreed to let him join.

What genre is Half Moon Run?

Alternative/IndieHalf Moon Run / Genre

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Why did Isaac leave Half Moon Run?

Last year, Isaac Symonds and Montreal indie outfit Half Moon Run announced they’d be parting ways in order for Symonds to “go see what life has in store” for him. It appears he found it, as the multi-instrumentalist has announced plans for a new ambient album with Toronto artist Yaehsun.

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Who is Half Moon Run?

Emotional, expansive, and ethereal, Montreal-based indie rockers Half Moon Run rose in the early half of the 2010s with a pair of albums that blended the icy alt-pop atmospherics of bands like Radiohead and Alt-J with the richly detailed, harmony-laden modern folk of Fleet Foxes.

When did Half Moon Run release their second album?

In July 2014, they announced that work on their second album had begun. They announced that it would be released in Fall of 2015. In 2014, Half Moon Run were the recipients of the International Achievement Award at the annual Francophone SOCAN Awards in Montreal.

How did Half Moon Run start?

Half Moon Run was formed in 2009 in Montreal’s Mile End neighbourhood. Conner Molander and Dylan Phillips, who had both moved to Montreal from Vancouver, connected with Devon Portieje who had moved there from Ottawa. Their debut album, Dark Eyes, was released on 27 March 2012, with “Full Circle” being released on 19 March 2012 as the lead single.