How do I program my XTS 2500?

How do I program my XTS 2500?

Program Access Press the 4-Way Navigation Key to the right until ” FPP” softkey is displayed. Press the “FPP” softkey to proceed into programming mode. Radio will prompt for “Password”, press the ” OK” softkey to enter program mode. Radio will display active zone, select the desired zone by pressing the 4-Way Nav.

How do I turn off my Motorola XTS 2500?

Turn On: Press the button… the screen shows two options…. press the button to turn the Scanner “On” a “Z” should appear in the upper screen. Turn Off: … Press the button twice and the “Z” will disappear from the screen.

How do you scan on a Motorola XTS 1500?

On models with a screen and keypad:

  1. Press the right side of the four-way navigation button until PROG is displayed.
  2. Press the button directly below PROG.
  3. Press the button directly below SCAN.
  4. Navigate to a talkgroup you wish to add or remove from your scan list.

How do you turn on the radio on a Motorola xts-2500?

Motorola XTS-2500 User Guide LTC/Hospital version October 2013 BASIC CONTROLS ON/OFF –Volume (11) Turn the radio on by rotating the Power/Volume control knob clockwise.

How many pages is the manual for a Motorola ASTRO XTS 2500?

Also See for Motorola XTS2500 Motorola ASTRO XTS 2500 Service Manual817 pages Motorola ASTRO XTS 2500I User Manual156 pages Motorola Astro XTS 2500 User Manual138 pages Related Manuals for Motorola XTS2500 Portable Radio Motorola ASTRO XTS 2500 User Manual Model ii (138 pages) Portable Radio Motorola ASTRO XTS 2500 User Manual Model iii (106 pages)

Is the XTS 2500 portable radio still in production?

Results cannot be populated at this time. The XTS® 2500 portable radio is no longer manufactured, however accessories and replacement parts may be available. Jump to Operates on P25 analog and digital trunked systems. Meets military specs 810 C, 810 D, 810 E and 810 F, for resistance to shocks and extreme weather.