Does Michigan have online school?

Does Michigan have online school?

Michigan Connections Academy is a tuition-free, online public school available to students throughout the state.

Is Michigan homeschool friendly?

Michigan Homeschool Law/State Code – Michigan Compiled Laws under MCL 380.1561: Right to Home School. Michigan parents have the right to home school their children.

What is needed to homeschool in Michigan?

Instruction must include mathematics, reading, English, science, and social studies in all grades; and the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of Michigan, and the history and present form of civil government of the United States, the State of Michigan, and the political subdivisions and municipalities …

How many days do you have to homeschool in Michigan?

Homeschool students must be taught for a minimum of 180 days per year. Homeschool students must be taught “equivalent instruction” to what is taught in public schools, but the parent is left to determine what “equivalent instruction” is. You are required to keep a record of attendance for each homeschooled child.

What is Michigan’s homeschooling requirements?

You also do not need to go through an enrollment process; you simply begin homeschooling when you feel that you are ready to do so. However, you must include instruction in the subjects of Reading, Spelling, Mathematics, Science, History, Civics, Literature, Writing and English Grammar.

Is unschooling legal in Michigan?

Is Unschooling Legal? Unschooling is a form of homeschooling, and homeschooling is legal in all 50 states.

Is K12 Academics legit?

K12 Academics is one of the most Respected, Recognized and Trafficked Education resource websites in the world. We are sourced in hundreds of Journals, Textbooks, Newspaper Articles and Books.

Is Michigan Virtual a public or private?

Enables middle and high school students in Michigan to take courses they otherwise would not be able to access. Operated by Michigan Virtual University, a private, not-for-profit Michigan corporation. Cooperates with individual schools and districts to award course credit and diplomas.

What is a k12 online high school in Michigan?

Just like traditional brick-and-mortar schools, K12-powered online public high schools in Michigan are tuition-free* and offer instruction from Michigan-certified teachers with support from counselors and school staff. The Learning Coach—usually a parent or other responsible adult—provides student oversight for about 1 to 3 hours each day.

What is a k12-powered Virtual High School in Michigan?

At a K12-powered virtual high school in Michigan, your student can excel through personalized learning tailored to meet their needs and goals. And whether they plan to go to college or enter the workforce after graduation, the online high schools in Michigan powered by K12 can help your student chart a path to their future.

Can I purchase K12 courses?

You can purchase K12 courses to supplement your homeschool curriculum or help your student catch up, get ahead, or explore an interest. These flexible courses are available with part-time and full-time options and with convenient year-round start dates. *Families do not pay tuition for a student to attend an online public school.