How do you make a shape follow a path in SketchUp?

How do you make a shape follow a path in SketchUp?

Here’s how the manual method works:

  1. Identify the path for your extrusion.
  2. Draw a face or profile that you want to follow the path.
  3. Select the Follow Me tool ( ).
  4. Click and drag the face that you created along the path.
  5. Click to complete the Follow Me operation when you reach the end of the path.

How do you make a curved model in SketchUp?

With the Line tool ( ), click and drag to draw the line. As you drag, a curvature control extends from the start point. Release the mouse button, and without clicking, move the cursor to set the curve’s direction and size, as shown on the left in the following figure.

How to use SketchUp for beginners?

Styles: SketchUp for Web includes many preset styles.

  • Materials: SketchUp for Web also includes many preset materials,but you can’t edit or create new materials.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: SketchUp for Web shares functionality with your web browser.
  • Extensions: Extensions are Ruby scripts that add functionality to SketchUp.
  • How to set up SketchUp?

    In the Layers panel,click the Add New Layer button (the plus sign).

  • Double-click the new layer’s name to open the name for editing or select it and press Enter,as shown in the following figure (as the panel appears in Mac OS
  • Type a name for the layer and press Enter.
  • How to make spiral staircase in SketchUp?

    Method 1 – The Wedge Method. This method allows you to use a circle to create a series of component “wedges,” which then you can create rotational copies of using

  • Method 2 – The Double Circle Method.
  • Method 3 – Memory Copy.
  • Method 4 – Curviloft and Joint Push Pull.
  • Method 5 – 1001Bit Tools Spiral Stair Creator.
  • How to create a half sphere in SketchUp?

    Create a Circle in SketchUp. Change your perspective and create another circle.

  • Click on the Pencil tool and draw a line on the bottom of the first circle. This will be used to separate the two halves of it.
  • Click on the Eraser tool and then ‘erase’ the bottom half.