How many albums does UFO have?

How many albums does UFO have?

Lights Out1977Strangers in the Night1979Phenomen…1974Force It1975No Heavy Petting1976Obsession1978

What was UFO first album?

UFO 1UFO / First albumUFO 1 is the debut studio album by British rock band UFO. It was first released in the UK by Beacon Records in October 1970. The first US release was on Rare Earth Records in April 1971. Neither of these releases charted, but the album did become a success in Germany and Japan. Wikipedia

Is UFO still together?

In May 2018, Mogg announced that he would retire from UFO after one last tour as a member of the band in 2019; however, the band plans to resume their farewell tour in 2022….UFO (band)

Genres Hard rock heavy metal progressive rock space rock (early)
Years active 1968–1983 1984–1989 1991–present

Who played guitar for UFO?

Mick Bolton
Recording Timeline

Role Album
UFO 1 (1970) The Wild, the Willing and the Innocent (1981)
Lead guitar Mick Bolton Paul Chapman
Rhythm guitar Mick Bolton Neil Carter
Bass Pete Way

What is UFOS most popular song?

Doctor DoctorRock BottomLove to LoveOnly You Can Rock MeBoogieBelladonna

What was UFO biggest hit?

Top 10 Songs of UFO – the Schenker Years!

  • # 6 Try Me – Lights Out (1977)
  • # 5 Lights Out – Lights Out (1977)
  • # 4 Love to Love – Lights Out (1977)
  • # 3 Doctor Doctor – Phenomenon (1974)
  • # 2 Rock Bottom – Phenomenon (1974)
  • # 1 Belladonna – No Heavy Petting (1976)
  • Pack It Up (And Go) – Obsession (1978)

Who is in the band UFO now?

Michael SchenkerGuitarPhil MoggLead VocalsPete WayBass guitarPaul ChapmanGuitarVinnie MooreGuitarPaul RaymondKeyboard instrument

Who was in the rock band UFO?

What songs did UFO do?

Who played in UFO band?

Vocalist Phil Mogg, guitarist Mick Bolton, bassist Pete Way, and drummer Andy Parker formed the British space metal outfit UFO in 1969. Originally known as Hocus Pocus, the group, which took the name UFO in honor of a London club, debuted in 1971 with UFO 1.

Who played bass for UFO?

Pete WayBilly SheehanPaul GrayBarry SparksJeff Kollman

What kind of music is UFO?

This is UFO as many people know them. The initial band’s albums were spacey/bluesy rock (which I purchased at the time as pricey “imports” at my favorite record store) with solos by original guitarist Mick Bolton.

Who is the producer of the UFO album?

Phenomenon (UFO album) The album was produced by Leo Lyons, bass guitarist of British rock group Ten Years After. All tracks were recorded at Morgan Studios in London. The original cover design and photos were produced by Hipgnosis .

What kind of music is UFO Chrysalis?

This was their third studio album and their debut on Chrysalis. UFO largely left their blues-based “space rock” sound behind, in part due to the presence of their new guitarist, German 19-year-old Michael Schenker. The album was produced by Leo Lyons, bass guitarist of British rock group Ten Years After.