What can you repurpose a changing table into?

What can you repurpose a changing table into?

Best Ideas for Repurposing Changing Tables

  1. Up-cycle Your Changing Table into a Desk.
  2. Rustic Repurposed Changing Table Garden Cart.
  3. Perfect Project Potting Bench.
  4. From Changing Table to Driving Dresser.
  5. D.I. Y.
  6. Changing Table Toy Kitchen.
  7. Ice Cream Anyone?
  8. Outdoor Play Table.

How do I use change table for storage?

A traditional changing table has shelves on the bottom where you can add baskets for storage. Many people choose to use a dresser for a changing table by putting a topper on it. Using a dresser is great, because you can use one of the drawers for storage and it also saves room in the nursery.

Can you put changing table on dresser?

You can easily repurpose a dresser into a changing table by adding a changing pad on top. Some parents use the changer option that comes with their portable playard, while others just use an on-the-go pad (many come included with your diaper bag) on the bed, couch or floor.

How long can you use a changing table for?

Always keep one hand on your baby. You should keep supplies within your reach, but out of the baby’s reach. Stop using your changing table when your baby reaches the age or weight limit recommended by the manufacturer, which is typically age 2, or 30 pounds (13,607 grams).

When should I remove my changing table?

Can you put a changing top on any dresser?

Dressers (with changing pads on top) offer storage, a flat surface and many also come within the height window of 36” to 42”. Dressers can have many similarities to regular changing tables, so by adding a changing pad onto the top, you can virtually turn any dresser into a place to change your baby’s diaper.

What do you do with the changing table after having a baby?

14 Amazing Hacks For Repurposing Your Changing Table

  1. Bar Cart. Design Indulgences shared this stylish changing-table-turned-bar-cart.
  2. Beverage Cart.
  3. Minidesk.
  4. Ice Cream Parlor.
  5. Play Kitchen.

How do I make a baby changing table into a dresser?

Once the changing pad is on top of the dresser, lay the straps over it. Screw one end into the front of the dresser, and the other end into the back of the dresser to secure it. Build a DIY baby changing station. If you are able to, build your own baby changing station to secure the changing pad.

What do you do when your baby outgrows changing table?

If your baby is under the age or weight limit set by the table’s manufacturer, it’s safe to keep using it as long as the baby stays still during diaper changes. However, if your baby is wiggly, you may need to find a new place for diaper changes even before they reach the table’s stated limit.

What is the purpose of a changing table topper?

A changing topper that is attached to your dresser helps ensure safety. Your baby will grow out of the changing station as they get older, but you will still be left with a functional dresser once the topper is removed. After choosing the space for your changing station, you’ll need a changing pad.

When should you stop using changing table?

Are Changing tables worth it?

Is buying a changing table worth the price? Many new parents wonder whether it is worth spending on changing the table for 1 or 2 years. However, the answer is yes because a simple and spacious table can do wonders and make the changing diaper process less stinky and messy.

Can you put a changing table topper on any dresser?

The top of the dresser needs to be large enough to accommodate a changing pad without any of the pad hanging over the edge.

What to do with an old changing table?

What better way to add just the perfect project area to your home than by repurposing an old changing table into a potting bench for your potted plants, pots and seeds. You again can customize your bench to your liking by adding a fresh coat of paint or wood accents. 4. From Changing Table to Driving Dresser

Can you use an IKEA changing table as an outdoor play table?

This outdoor play table repurposed from an IKEA changing table could spark all sorts of fun opportunities.

How do you turn a table into a bar cart?

Changing Tables into Bar Carts Cut the top shelf to hold an ice bucket, dress it up a little, and you have yourself an excellent bar. Add some wheels and you can roll this great repurposed piece right out onto the patio for evening cocktails.

Is it time to upcycle that old changing table?

Before you know it baby is climbing up onto the changing table indicating that it might be time to let it go on to a better use. We have some super smart upcycling and recycling ideas to make that changing table into something amazing that can be used for years to come.