What is special today for Lord Murugan?

What is special today for Lord Murugan?

Shasti or ‘Sasthi’ is an auspicious day for Hindus belonging to the Tamil community. This day is dedicated to worshipping Lord Murugan. On this day Muruga devotees observe fasting to please their lord and invoke His blessings for a happy and prosperous life.

Which month is special for Lord Murugan?

Devotees observe fasting, worship God Murugan and break fast the next morning. This light [brilliance of the Poorna Chandra (full moon)] helps dispelling darkness to the souls. So Murugan worship and festival start on this day in the first Tamil month of the Tamil year.

Who is real Murugan?

Murugan, chief deity of the ancient Tamils of South India, son of the warrior goddess Korravai. He was later identified in part with the North Indian war god Skanda. His favourite weapon was the trident or spear, and his banner carried the emblem of a wild fowl.

Why is Murugan called 6 face?

Shiva is called Panchaanana – Lord with five heads. These five heads represent the five elements in nature. When these five elements united with the sixth: Chaitanya Shakti (Pure Consciousness), they gave birth to the Shadaanana (the six-headed), also called Lord Murugan.

Is there any Tamil version of Lord Murugan?

Lord Muruga and Tamil coexist with each other without Muruga there is no tamil. Even though you have sahasranama for Muruga it is not famous as Lalitha sahasranama or Vishnu Sahasranama. But KANDA SHASTI KAVASAM of Murugan is famous more than any suggested Sanskrit literatures on Murugan.

Did Lord Murugan clear your family problems?

Both were speechless for one second and guessed it was lord Murugan who have cleared our family problems. That temple is very powerful one. In 2012, we had a marriage to attend in palani adivaram (basement of the hill). It was our family friend’s last son’s marriage.

Will Murugan come to your rescue if you trust God?

But I trusted God and chanted SASTI 36 times and the very next day confirmatory test showed that it was NOT cancer and just an infection that could be cured. Whatever difficult situation you maybe in, if your intentions are pure and your trust in Him is unshakable, Murugan will definitely come to your rescue.

Is Lord Murugan the god of war?

Lord Murugan is the God of War, he just doesn’t represents the war between two opposite parties, but also teaches us to overcome our inner insecurities, the war inside us. He is not just the Son of Shiva, but also the Guru of Aadiguru. He gave Jagadamba the pleasure of becoming a mother.