What is the population of Punjab in 2020?

What is the population of Punjab in 2020?

Punjab 2022 Population

Year Projected Population
2018 29,870,697 2.99 Crore
2019 30,162,799 3.02 Crore
2020 30,451,858 3.05 Crore
2021 30,737,851 3.07 Crore

What is the population of Punjab Pakistan 2022?

The current population of Pakistan is 229,535,802 based on projections of the latest United Nations data. The UN estimates the July 1, 2022 population at 229,488,994.

What is the share of Punjab in the total population of Pakistan?


Administrative Unit Population (1998) Percent Growth
Khyber Pakthunkhwa 17,743,645 71.9%
FATA 3,176,331 57.2%
Punjab 73,621,290 49.4%
Sindh 30,439,893 57.2%

What is the total population of Punjab 2021?

Population of Punjab increased by 0.80 % from 30,099 number in 2020 to 30,339 number in 2021. Since the 1.01 % rise in 2012, population surged by 8.26 % in 2021.

What is the population of Punjab Pakistan 2021?

It is the most populous Pakistani province, with approximately 110,000,000 people, or just over half the total population of Pakistan, per the 2017 Pakistani census….Punjab, Pakistan.

Punjab پنجاب
• Density 540/km2 (1,400/sq mi)
GDP (2021–2022)
• Total ₨36.5 trillion (US$230 billion)
• Per capita ₨325,355 (US$2,081)

What is the population of Punjab 2021?

What is the population of Punjab in 2021?

Which is the capital of Punjab?

ChandigarhPunjab / Capital

What is the GDP of Punjab?

The economy of Punjab is the 16th largest state economy in India with ₹5.41 lakh crore (US$71 billion) (FY2020-21) in gross domestic product and a per capita GDP of US$2360(180,000) ranking 19th amongst Indian states.

What is the size of Punjab?

19,445 mi²Punjab / Land area

Why is Punjab the most developed part of Pakistan?

– Started and lost 4 wars against India , – On brink of BOP default despite 13 Bailout packages from IMF – Poor roads, Education, Healthcare, – Debt to GDP ratio – among worst performing economies – No self respect – Almost all Pakistanis – once out of Country call themselves eit

What are the main religions in Punjab Pakistan?

The runt of terrorist organisations that ran the insurgency in Punjab are now based in Pakistan. Notable among these are Babbar Khalsa International, International Sikh Youth Federation, Khalistan Liberation Force, Khalistan Commando Force and Khalistan Zindabad Force. They have overt members in the US, UK, Germany and Canada.

Which is the most industrial city of Punjab in Pakistan?

different parts of punjab have Large special large industries. Mainly Ludhiana is said to have main large scale industries as It have Hosiery Imdustries, Cycle Industry, Textile industries. manufacturing of hand tools.! and many more though. may c…

Is the real Punjab in India or Pakistan?

The very name Pakistan inscribes the nature of the problem. It is not a real country or nation but an acronym devised in the 1930s by a Muslim propagandist for partition named Chaudhary Rahmat Ali. It stands for Punjab, Afghania, Kashmir, and Indus-Sind. The stan suffix merely means “land.”