How do I create a calendar in SharePoint 2010?

How do I create a calendar in SharePoint 2010?

To create a new calendar on a SharePoint site, head to the Site Actions menu and then click More Options. From the List section, click Calendar, and then type in a plain-English name for the new calendar and click the Create button.

How do I display a Gantt Chart in SharePoint?

To do this, click on the gear icon – List settings, then scroll down on the bottom of this settings page. Click on that Gantt view to open the options. And in this page you can see right at the top a check box to set this gantt view as your new standard view on this list.

How do I change the timescale on a Gantt Chart in SharePoint?

On the List tab, in the Gantt View group, click Zoom In to get a more detailed look at the timescale, with smaller time units (such as dates and times). Click Zoom Out to get a bigger-picture view of the timescale, with larger time units (such as years and months).

Can you link Microsoft Project to Outlook calendar?

The sync is one-directional and can run both on schedule and on-demand. Tasks are created and managed in Project Online as part of projects by Project Managers and then automatically synchronized to the Office 365 Outlook Calendars.

How do you convert a Gantt Chart to days and months?

Display a view with a timescale, such as the Gantt Chart. Click View > Timescale box arrow. Click Timescale. In the Timescale box, pick the options you want, and view any changes you make in the Preview box.

How do I create a calendar view in SharePoint?

How to create a calendar view on a SharePoint list

  1. Make sure your custom list has at least 2 custom date fields you can use (1 date field is fine too, but if you would like to show a range, you would need to have 2 date fields).
  2. Click on the Views drop-down and choose Create new view.

How do I create a project tracker in SharePoint?

4 Quick Steps To Set Up SharePoint For Project Management

  1. Use the Quick Launch to manage project processes.
  2. Manage tasks with work management lists and dashboards.
  3. Create Project Status Reports.
  4. Use the Microsoft Project to SharePoint sync.

Can you use Microsoft calendar as a project management tool?

Microsoft Outlook on the web now has a calendar board view for project management. Calendar board view allows you to bring contacts, files, calendar events, and more into a canvas. The feature was known as Project Moca while it was in beta testing over the last year.