How many people were in each estate French Revolution?

How many people were in each estate French Revolution?

In 1789 France, there were around 100,000 members of the First Estate, 400,000 members of the Second Estate, and around 27 million members of the Third Estate. Some members of the First Estate (the clergy) were commoners before they became clergy. Many of them sided with the issues and concerns of the Third Estate.

What estate had the largest population of people French Revolution?

The Third Estate
The Third Estate, or the commoners of society, constituted the overwhelming majority of the French population. Third Estate (cont.) – They were divided by vast difference in occupation, level of education, and wealth.

Which estate made up 97% of the French population?

The Third Estate: made up 97 percent of the population. This estate was made up of three diverse groups. First Group-Bourgeoisie or middle class: this group was bankers, factory owners, merchants, and professionals. Well educated and believed in the Enlightenment ideals.

Which estate made up nearly 98% of the French population?

the Third Estate
98% of France’s population made up the Third Estate. There were three sub-groups in the Third Estate.

What was the population of the Third Estate?

around 27 million people
The Third Estate contained around 27 million people or 98 per cent of the nation. This included every French person who did not have a noble title or was not ordained in the church.

Which estate had the largest population?

1. The Third Estate contained around 27 million people or 98 per cent of the nation.

What percent of the population was the second estate?

In total, the Second Estate made up between one and one and a half per cent of the population. A noble title was not just an honorific: it also endowed its owner with certain rights and privileges, most notably an exemption from personal taxes.

What percent of the French population belonged to the 1st and 2nd estates?

The French Revolution and Napoleon

Question Answer
About what percent of France’s population belonged to the First and Second Estates? 2,3
The National Assembly was originally set-up by the Third Estate
The ___________ supported the Catholic church’s status and independence peasants

Who had the largest population in French society?

Before the revolution, French society was divided into three orders or Estates of the Realm – the First Estate (clergy), Second Estate (nobility) and Third Estate (commoners). With around 27 million people, or 98 per cent of France’s population, the Third Estate was by far the largest of the three.

Which estate had the smallest population?

What were the three “estates” of the Estates-General? The First Estate consisted of Roman Catholic clergy, and it was by far the smallest group represented in the Estates-General. The Second Estate represented the nobility, which comprised less than 2 percent of the French population.

What was the population percentage of the second estate?

The 2nd Estate consisted of the Nobles, representing about 2% of the population. Members of the 2nd Estate also owned approximately 20% of the land, which was another symbol of wealth and status in France.

What was the Second Estate in the French Revolution?

The Second Estate consisted of the French nobility, which numbered about 400,000 people. The nobles owned about 20% of the land and had many feudal privileges. For example, they were exempt from paying many taxes and were allowed to collect dues from the peasants.

What was the Third Estate in France?

The Third Estate comprised all other members of french society (the commoners). The vast majority of the population belonged to the Third Estate (roughly 98% of 27 million people).

What were the three estates of the French Revolution?

The Three Estates. Estates The French Revolution had three estates at the time: -The Clergy – The Nobility -and The common people The Clergy consist of kings, queens, princes,and the Roman Catholic Clergy. The Nobility consist of royal guards, judges, and owned 20% of the land. The common people consisted of peasants,…

How many estates were in France in the 1780s?

In the 1780’s the population of France numbered about 24,700,000, and it was divided into three estates or orders. The estate to which a person belonged was very important because it determined that person’s rights, obligations and status.