What is the suffix of circumspect?

What is the suffix of circumspect?

Origin of circumspect First recorded in 1375–1425; late Middle English, from Latin circumspectus (past participle of circumspicere “to look around”), equivalent to circum- “around, about” (see circum-) + spec(ere) “to look” + -tus past participle suffix.

What is antonyms of circumspect?

antonyms for circumspect

  • careless.
  • foolish.
  • inattentive.
  • incautious.
  • indiscreet.
  • negligent.
  • reckless.
  • thoughtless.

What part of speech is circumspect?

CIRCUMSPECT (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

How do you use circumspect?

Circumspect Sentence Examples

  1. It was done in a circumspect manner.
  2. In this situation you need to be very circumspect about claiming interactions.
  3. He is equally circumspect on the issue of whether outside promoters will manage these tours.
  4. The circumspect approach to the ridge now loomed above him.

What does circumspectly mean in the Bible?

: careful to consider all circumstances and possible consequences : prudent.

What’s the synonym of circumspect?

Some common synonyms of circumspect are cautious, chary, and wary. While all these words mean “prudently watchful and discreet in the face of danger or risk,” circumspect suggests less fear and stresses the surveying of all possible consequences before acting or deciding.

What does Cursoriness mean?

Definition of cursory : rapidly and often superficially performed or produced : hasty a cursory glance Only a cursory inspection of the building’s electrical wiring was done.

What is Acronimous?

Definition of acrimonious : angry and bitter : caustic, biting, or rancorous especially in feeling, language, or manner an acrimonious dispute.

What is Ruttin?

ruttin’ referring to rut, the periodic sexual excitement, or heat, of certain mammals: applied esp. to males.

What does pleasantry mean?

Definition of pleasantry 1 : a humorous act or remark : jest. 2 : an agreeable playfulness in conversation : banter. 3 : a polite social remark exchanged pleasantries.

What is the meaning of acrimoniously?

What is the origin of the word circumspect?

History and Etymology for circumspect Middle English, from Middle French or Latin; Middle French circonspect, from Latin circumspectus, from past participle of circumspicere to look around, be cautious, from circum- + specere to look — more at spy Learn More About circumspect Time Traveler for circumspect

What is the difference between circumspect and cautious?

cautious, circumspect, wary, chary mean prudently watchful and discreet in the face of danger or risk. cautious implies the exercise of forethought usually prompted by fear of danger. a cautious driver circumspect suggests less fear and stresses the surveying of all possible consequences before acting or deciding.

What is the origin of the word Circon?

The Latin word was commonly used in word-formation. In French, the element became circon-; Kitchin points out that con for cum is common even in classical Latin. For sense development, compare German rings “around.”

What is a good sentence for circumspect?

Examples of circumspect in a Sentence. she has a reputation for being quiet and circumspect in investigating charges of child abuse. Recent Examples on the Web. But destination managers and regulators need to be circumspect about some possible fall outs.