How much does a Bagger 288 cost?

How much does a Bagger 288 cost?

$100 million
It cost $100 million to build, took five years to design and manufacture, and five years to assemble. When it was completed, the Bagger 288 passed NASA’s Crawler-Transporter, used to move the space shuttle and Apollo space craft as the world’s largest land vehicle.

Is the Bagger 288 still in use?

It has been in operation at the Garzweiler open pit lignite mine since 2001, prior to which it was used to dig coal at the Hambach mine 22 kilometers away. When it was built in 1978, the “Bagger 288” was the largest bucket wheel excavator in the world, and it is still one of the biggest land vehicles today.

What is special about the Bagger 288?

The Bagger 288 was built for the job of removing overburden before coal mining at the Hambach surface mine in Germany. It can excavate 240,000 tons of coal or 240,000 cubic metres of overburden daily – the equivalent of a soccer field dug to 30 m (98 ft) deep. The coal produced in one day fills 2400 coal wagons.

Is the Bagger 288 bigger than the Bagger 293?

Bagger 293 is 96 metres (314.9 feet) tall (the Guinness World Record for heaviest terrestrial vehicle, shared with Bagger 288). It is 225 metres (738.2 feet) long (same as Bagger 287), weighs 14,200 tonnes (31.3 million pounds), and requires five people to operate.

What’s the heaviest vehicle on earth?

Bagger 288
On its completion in 1978, Bagger 288 – a bucket-wheel excavator that stands 94,79 metres tall, is 214,88 metres long and weighs 41276,9 tonnes – superseded NASA’s Crawler Transporter as the largest land vehicle in the world. It still holds the title today.

What is the heaviest machine?

List of largest machines

  • Large Hadron Collider – The world’s largest single machine.
  • Bertha – Tunnel boring machine, 73 million lb. (
  • Bagger 288 – Excavator, 29.8 million lb.[3]
  • TAKRAF SRs 8000 (Bagger 293) – Largest terrestrial vehicle in history, 31.3 million lb., 310 ft.

What is the most popular excavator in the world?

Volvo CE It is one of the world’s most popular excavator companies. Volvo excavator brands are built with responsive advanced hydraulics. Their fit systems are versatile for “easy bucket and tool change out”.

What is the strongest man made object?

The Large Hadron Collider Infamous for is the world’s largest and most powerful particle collider and the most complex facility ever built.

What is the smallest machine?

Molecular machines are in the nano-range, a thousand times smaller than a hair. They are made by one or few molecules linked together, comprising several hundred atoms. If a molecule can use the energy input (stimuli) that it receives to perform a mechanical movement (output) is termed molecular machine.

What kind of excavator is a Bagger 288?

The Bagger 288 bucket-wheel excavator, beside a Caterpillar Inc. model 824H bulldozer for size comparison. The Bagger 288 was built for the job of removing overburden before coal mining at the Hambach surface mine in Germany.

Who built the $100 million Bagger 288 excavator?

The $100 million excavator was built by the German company called Krupp. Today the company is known as ThyssenKrupp. Bagger 288 was built for the energy and mining company Rheinbraun. Built in 1978, it is also known as a mobile strip mining machine.

How many people does it take to operate a Bagger 288?

When it reaches a seam of lignite or brown coal, Bagger 288 can harvest at least 2,65,000 tonnes of fuel every day from open-pit mines. Surprisingly, though, this behemoth excavator needs just four to five people to operate it.

When did the RWE Bagger 288 come out?

Owned and operated at present by RWE AG, a large utility company, Bagger 288 is part of a group of same-sized vehicles like Bagger 281, which was built in 1958. In 1975 Bagger 285 was built, in 1976 Bagger 287 was built and in 1995 Bagger 293 was built.