What does Huruhuru mean in English?

What does Huruhuru mean in English?

“Yes I know huruhuru means feather, fur and even hair of the head,” he wrote. “I know this. But it is most commonly used as hair from a person’s privates.”

What is the Maori term for land?

1. (noun) land – often used in the plural.

What is a whenua in English?

The Māori word for land, whenua, also means placenta. All life is seen as being born from the womb of Papatūānuku, under the sea. The lands that appear above water are placentas from her womb.

What is the Maori name for chief?

The people, as they came to the temple in a body, were called tira, or company; and as the leader had to assign, or ranga, a place to each of his tira, he was called the rangatira, from which we derive our word in Maori for chief, rangatira.”

What is pubic hair in Maori?

“Some people call it appreciation, I call it appropriation,” te reo Māori exponent and TV personality Te Hamua Nikora said on Facebook, after explaining that most Māori would use the word “huruhuru” as a reference to pubic hair.

What is the meaning of Rere?

Preposition. rere. behind, at the back of. after (behind in place)

What does tangata whenua mean to Māori?

the people of the land
Tangata whenua is an important term – it means the people of the land: that is the Maori iwi or hapu (sub-tribes) which have mana whenua (customary authority) over a particular area. On the North Shore there are three iwi with tangata whenua status.

What is the purpose of tangata whenua?

Land is also important to tangata whenua as a form of personal and tribal identity and a symbol of social stability. It is a standing place to voice ideas and an important source of emotional and spiritual strength. Metaphysically, water has intrinsic sacred qualities and has been viewed as the promoter of life.

What does ariki mean Māori?

paramount chief
(noun) paramount chief, chief of chiefs, male high chief.

Is Rere a name?

Rere – Girl’s name meaning, origin, and popularity | BabyCenter.

Is Rere a Scrabble word?

No, rere is not in the scrabble dictionary.

Why is Māori identified as tangata whenua?

The term ‘tangata whenua’ denotes a relationship between Maori and the land. Generally, Maori use the term to convey their affinity to a particular rohe (area within which iwi claims mana whenua), and derive their identity from their genealogical ties with that land.

Who are the tangata whenua?

/ The tangata whenua are the people who have authority in a particular place. 1. (noun) person who is hospitable, welcoming, friendly and generous. He tangata hoki ia i whakanuia e ngā iwi o te takutai o Te Tai Rāwhiti, he tangata whaimana, he mau tangata (M 2006:374).

How do you use tangata in a sentence?

He tangata purotu, hanga pūngerungeru. He was a handsome man and stoutly built. Kia kī te puku i te waipiro, tino kino te kangakanga ki te tangata, ka pōkokohuatia e ia ahakoa ko wai. When he had a stomach full of alcohol he was terrible, swearing and cursing people, no matter who they were.

What does he tangata Ngāwari mean?

He tangata ngāwari, he hūmārie, he mateoha, he atawhai tangata, he tangata whakapono. He was a gentle, pleasant, loving person, who showed kindness to people, a person who believed.

What is the meaning of hūhunutia?

1. (noun) hair, feather, coarse hair, bristles (not normally of the head), fur. Ka hūhunutia te poaka, kātahi ka waruwarua te kiri kia ngahoro mai ai ngā huruhuru (PK 2008:147). / The pig is singed and then the skin is scraped to remove the hair.