What kind of valve is on a 20 lb propane tank?

What kind of valve is on a 20 lb propane tank?

LP OPD valve has a 4.0 Dip Tube and fits most typical 20# propane tanks, most typically used for barbequing. Type 1, standard.

Can you replace the valve on a propane tank?

Rather than replacing your whole propane tank at great expense, however, you can simply replace your propane tank valve. OPD valve replacement is fairly easy and can be done at home.

Does a 20 pound propane tank need a regulator?

Here’s the short answer: if you plan to use a 20 lb. propane tank (like you would use on a gas grill pictured here) you will need a regulator to connect to that tank.

What is the new style propane tank valve?

There is a new type of valve quickly comming into use. This valve is the Overfill Prevention Device (OPD) valve. It looks a lot like the Acme thread valve or the quick disconnect valves you have been seeing for a few years.

Do all propane tanks have OPD valves?

NFPA 58 requires an OPD on all cylinders with 4 to 40-pound propane capacity that are: Fabricated (manufactured) after September 30, 1998; Requalified after September 30, 1998; or. Refilled on or after April 1, 2002.

How do you fix a propane valve?

If the valve is still stuck, use a pair of pliers or a wrench to force it open. Grasp the edge of the valve with your pliers firmly and twist counterclockwise to open the valve. Try not to use too much pressure or as this can break the valve instead. If your valves have rust or water damage, assess the situation.

How do I know if my propane tank has a new valve?

In most cases, consumers can tell if a propane tank has an OPD valve by the handles. If the handle is round or star-shaped (left) their cylinder is outdated. A triangular handle (right) indicates an updated cylinder.

How do you tell if a propane tank has an OPD?

How do you unstick a propane tank valve?


  1. Set the propane tank on a steady, level surface.
  2. Wrap the rubber band around the outer edges of the valve to get a better grip on the blocked valve.
  3. If this doesn’t work, spray a bit of oil or lubricant on the valve.
  4. If the valve is still stuck, use a pair of pliers or a wrench to force it open.

Is it normal to smell propane at the tank?

Leave your home if the smell is strong and stay out. Call the fire department and your propane supplier. Turn off the gas if it is safe to do so. Turn off electronics, lights, appliances or anything that could create a spark.