Do Upstands have to match worktop?

Do Upstands have to match worktop?

Whilst it is usually recommended to choose an upstand that matches your worktop, this is only for stylistic purposes. If you would prefer, you can choose an alternative type of upstand to complement or contrast the colour of your Calcutta marble laminate worktops.

Do Upstands go behind hob?

It is not recommended to have laminate upstands around the hob area. Laminate upstands are made primarily of wood and gas hobs can tend to project flames quite far, and as we all know, wood and flames do not mix!

What is the size of worktop Upstands?

An upstand is an extension of the worktop which goes from 60 to 120mm up the wall and features along the entire length of the worksurface.

How tall should an upstand be?

In kitchen terms, an upstand is a small strip of kitchen worktop, glass or acrylic usually 100-150mm in height that fits in the rear wall edge of your kitchen worktop.

How high should kitchen Upstands be?

about 120mm high
Upstands are usually about 120mm high and are generally made out of the same material as the worktop. This gives them a seamless appearance and enhances the sleek lines of your kitchen design. An upstand creates a seal between the worktop and the wall. By doing this, no liquids can seep behind the cabinets.

Should Splashback go on top of upstand?

The upstand stops either side of the hob then the splashback is above the hob. If that makes sense. Ours is the same as bluntness – just the splashback behind the hob and host and every where else. We have the upstand all the way around, and a mirror as a splash back sitting on top of the upstand.

Do Splashbacks go on top of Upstands?

Splashbacks between the Upstand With this design, the result would be successful either with or without an upstand. View more of my bespoke splashback designs here. In these projects the splashback is sat on top of the up-stand when installed.

How tall should a kitchen upstand be?

Why is 150mm upstand?

The upstand will prevent surface water running into the building, in addition, heavy rain can also splash above the surface and that 150mm minimum requirement can protect against ingress issues caused by such an event.

Do you tile on top of upstand?

fit the upstand, then tile off that.

How do you fit Upstands to worktops?

  1. Carefully measure the space for the upstand.
  2. Check the fit of the upstand is good against the wall.
  3. When the adhesive has dried seal the corner between the upstand and worktop with silicone sealant.
  4. Carefully measure the space where you’ll require back panelling.

How do you stick upstand to the wall?

Use a tube of adhesive in a caulking gun to fix the upstands to the wall and it s a good idea to also run a line of clear sealant along the bottom of the upstand at the same timeso you get a good seal between the work surface and underside of the upstand (stops moisture / food getting in there).

How wide is upstand?

Ensure the upstand is square by measuring across the diagonally opposite corners. Allow for the correct pitch. Minimum height of the upstand is 150mm. Upstand width should be 100mm (including finishes)

What is the difference between a splashback and an upstand?

The gap is necessary to allow expansion of the kitchen worktop, though upstands can also help to accommodate an uneven gap if your walls are not totally straight. Splashbacks are similar to upstands, but are much deeper, and are usually used behind ovens or sinks to protect the walls from splashing water or stains.

How high is a kitchen upstand?

In kitchen terms, an upstand is a small strip of kitchen worktop, glass or acrylic usually 100-150mm in height that fits in the rear wall edge of your kitchen worktop.

What colour upstands go with black kitchen worktops?

Our Black Upstands beautifully compliment both black and white worktops to give your kitchen an elegant and classy finish. Upstands are designed to fit along the back of your kitchen worktop or breakfast bar.

How are laminate worktop upstands installed?

Laminate worktop upstands are easy to install and can be fixed in place using a waterproof silicone. Comprised of a composite chipboard core and a durable laminate decorative top layer, these upstands can be cut to size easily on site, using a jigsaw or circular saw. Our laminate upstands are a stylish…

What is a Marmo Nero worktop?

In dark grey marble with striking white veins, the Marmo Nero laminate worktop is a realistic slab effect worktop with a 6mm postformed edge – creating a softened square edge effect. Designed to look like marble, its texture feels like Read more

What are the different types of black upstands?

Whether you’re looking for a Granite, Acrylic, Wooden or laminate upstands, we have a superb range of Black Upstands in a variety of different shades. Upstands are a highly practical solution, they protect your walls from splashes and clean very easily. They also work extremely well in bathrooms when placed behind your sink.