How do you become a Girl Scout National Gold Award?

How do you become a Girl Scout National Gold Award?

You can become a Gold Award Girl Scout if you:

  1. are in ninth, tenth, eleventh, or twelfth grade.
  2. are a registered Girl Scout Senior or Ambassador.
  3. have completed two Senior or Ambassador Journeys, or have earned the Girl Scout Silver Award and completed one Senior or Ambassador Journey.

How many girls earn the Gold Award each year?

ten girls
Approximately 5 percent of Girl Scouts earn their Gold Award each year—and just ten girls in this high-achieving group receive the National Gold Award Girl Scout distinction.

What should I do for my Gold Award?

Check out some of these real project ideas from past Gold Award Candidates!

  1. Conduct workshops about art, anti-bullying, etc.
  2. Create educational games.
  3. Create a website.
  4. Write a blog.
  5. Make a video about self-love, confidence, or interviews with veterans.
  6. Create a PSA.
  7. Create a social media campaign.

What do you get from a Gold Award?

Seniors and Ambassadors who earn the Gold Award tackle issues that are dear to them and drive lasting change in their communities and beyond. Think of the Gold Award as a key that can open doors to scholarships, preferred admission tracks for college, and amazing career opportunities.

Does Girl Scouts look good on college apps?

More broadly, your success in the Girl Scouts will not only help your college application shine, but will also make you eligible for other college scholarship programs administered by the central Girl Scouts organization as well as other sources.

What are the bronze silver and gold awards Girl Scouts?

The Girl Scout Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards (also called “Highest Awards”) are the highest awards a girl can earn in Girl Scouts. These are awarded to Junior, Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador girls who display leadership while engaging in projects that benefit their communities.

What is the Scout Gold Award?

The Chief Scout’s Gold Award shows that you’ve given new things a go, worked as a team, and developed loads of new skills, This is an incredible achievement, and you should be proud. with an understanding of what is expected of them. skill. Represent the views of other Scouts.

Do you have to get Silver Award to get Gold Award?

Fulfilling the requirements for the Gold Award starts with completing two Senior or Ambassador Journeys or having earned the Silver Award and completing one Senior or Ambassador Journey.