Is an MG Midget a good buy?

Is an MG Midget a good buy?

There are other reasons the MG Midget makes for an ideal first-time classic car – or one for old hands who want a cheerful car at an affordable price. It enjoys an enthusiastic following, which makes the Midget one of the best served in terms of sourcing spares parts at sensible prices.

What are MG Midgets like to drive?

What’s it like to drive? The Midget is a complete joy to drive, it takes you back to a time where cars were all about the sensation of driving. There are very little creature comforts to be had other than the sumptuous leather seats but the drive alone takes your mind off that.

How fast does an MG Midget go?

87.9 mph
A car with the 948 cc engine was tested by the British magazine The Motor in 1962 and had a top speed of 87.9 mph (141.5 km/h) and could accelerate from 0-60 mph (97 km/h) in 18.3 seconds.

How much does a 1978 MG Midget weigh?


Engine Location : Front
Body / Chassis : Steel unibody
Production Years for Series : 1974 – 1979
Price : $4,490
Weight : 1830 lbs | 830.074 kg

What size engine is in a 1978 MG Midget?

Engine manufacturer: Triumph
Displacement: 1493 cm3 / 90.9 cui
What power?
Horsepower net: 37.5 kW / 51 PS / 50 hp (SAE net)
/ 5000

What engines fit in MG Midget?

This MG Midget is Powered by a V-4 Honda Motorcycle Engine.

Is the 1977 MG MGB a good car to buy?

Displaying 4 reviews for 1977 MG MGB . Fun Responsive Sports Car — this car packs a lot of fun for a reasonable price. nothing beats driving through valley forge park with the top down and my dog in my lap, ears flapping in the breeze. the handling is fantastic especially around those curving country roads.

How many units did the MG Midget sell?

Despite that, the Midget remained a good seller through to its death in 1979, notching up a very creditable 73,889 units. Honest John Classics has teamed up with MG Car Club (the world’s oldest MG club) to offer readers £5 off single and joint memberships.

What kind of engine does a MG Midget have?

The unit-construction sports two-seater, was conceived as an Austin Healey, but the move to MG ensured serious sales. The Midget was initially powered by the BMC A-series 948cc engine, and featured twin-carburettors, a four-speed gearbox, rack-and-pinion steering and independent front suspension.

Are MG’s good cars?

This Is One Of The Most Useable And Good Looking Everyday Classic Cars On The Road. — My MG has been (and is still being) heavily modified over the years to improve looks, handling, breaking and engine performance without loosing the classic line, my star rating takes into account she is over 30 years old.