What city is 37 degrees south and 175 degrees east?

What city is 37 degrees south and 175 degrees east?

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Co-ordinates Country, territory or ocean Notes
37°0′S 149°56′E Pacific Ocean Tasman Sea
37°0′S 174°28′E New Zealand North Island – passing just south of Auckland, near Auckland airport
37°0′S 175°16′E Pacific Ocean Hauraki Gulf
37°0′S 175°30′E New Zealand Coromandel Peninsula, North Island

What country is 45 degrees South and 170 degrees East?

That is where we found 45 South 170 East. It doesn’t get much better than this: Exploring the physical and cultural geography of New Zealand using GPS and GIS, with the best colleagues one could wish for.

What mountain is located at 3 degrees south and 37 degrees east?

Mount Kilimanjaro (Kilima Njaro or “shining mountain” in Swahili), the highest point in Africa, reaches 5,895 meters (19,340 feet) above sea level, tall enough to maintain a permanent snow cap despite being just 330 kilometers (210 miles) south of the equator.

What are the coordinates of Auckland New Zealand?

36.8509° S, 174.7645° EAuckland / Coordinates

What capital city is located at 41 degrees south and 174 degrees east?

The latitude and longitude of the capital of New Zealand, Wellington, is 41o 28′ S and 174o 51′ E. As the longitudes of New Zealand is in extreme east of the Prime Meridian the standard time followed in New Zealand is eleven hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time and seventeen hours ahead of Washington DC.

What is Auckland longitude?

What is the latitude of the equator?

0 degrees latitude
The equator is the most well known parallel. At 0 degrees latitude, it equally divides the Earth into the Northern and Southern hemispheres. From the equator, latitude increases as you travel north or south, reaching 90 degrees at each pole.

How many degrees south is Auckland?

Auckland, New Zealand is located at New Zealand country in the Cities place category with the gps coordinates of 36° 50′ 54.4596” S and 174° 45′ 48.0096” E.

At what degree of latitude is New Zealand?

New Zealand is found at a latitude of 40.9006° S, and longitude of 174.8860° E.

Where is latitude 37 in the United States?

In the United States, the parallel defines the southern borders of Utah, Colorado, and Kansas, and the northern borders of Arizona, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.

Where is 37 degrees longitude?

The meridian 37° east of Greenwich is a line of longitude that extends from the North Pole across the Arctic Ocean, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Indian Ocean, the Southern Ocean, and Antarctica to the South Pole.

What are Auckland New Zealand coordinates?

What is the longitude found at 180 east at 180 west?

The meridian at 180 longitude is commonly known as the International Date Line. As you pass the International Date Line, you either add a day (going west) or subtract a day (going east.) The prime meridian and the International Date Line create a circle that divides the Earth into the eastern and western hemispheres.

Is located 23.5 degrees south of the equator?

The Tropic of Capricorn is located at approximately 23.5 degrees south latitude, or 23.5 degrees south of the equator. This line of latitude is the southern boundary of the area referred to as the tropics. This line marks the point farthest to the south at which the sun is hanging directly upward at noon.

Why was Auckland named Auckland?

Auckland’s immense low-density suburbs have long been the first choice of residence for overseas migrants, and the city is now the country’s largest urban centre. Named by Governor William Hobson after Lord Auckland, Viceroy of India, in 1840 – gazetted in 1842.