Do I help Ironsides or scavengers?

Do I help Ironsides or scavengers?

Essentially, the best course of action is to agree to help the scavengers. This earns you the part you need from them without having to steal it or fight for it. After that you can actually decide which to go with. If you side with Ironsides then you will gather the remaining parts and repair the ship.

Can you loot Ironsides Fallout 4?

Ironsides is unable to be hacked by players with the Robotics Expert 3 perk, making him unavailable as a companion using that method. Despite Ironsides believing himself to be an American captain, he uses the British pronunciation of the word Lieutenant, so that it comes out as “Lef-tenant.”

What do you get for helping Ironsides?

Quick walkthrough

ExpandSide quest: Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution
Report to Ironsides. Report to Ironsides.
Reward: Broadsider Reward: 500 caps
Activate the auxiliary power circuit. Activate the auxiliary power circuit.

How often does the USS Constitution sail?

The USS Constitution is the oldest commissioned warship afloat in the world and is based in Boston’s Charlestown Navy Yard. There is a Boston-area story that says that in order for Constitution to remain a commissioned vessel in the United States Navy, she must get underway in Boston Harbor at least once every year.

Can you board Old Ironsides?

OR PASSPORT TO BOARD THE SHIP. Visitors to ‘Old Ironsides’ are able to ask questions and speak with active duty U.S. Navy Sailors assigned as members of USS CONSTITUTION’s crew, who are stationed at the ship as interpretative historians to help bring CONSTITUTION’s storied past to life!

Can you get the guidance chip without stealing?

If you choose to help the scavengers you can take the Guidance Chip freely. If you choose not to side with them, taking the Guidance Chip will be classified as stealing, and you’ll likely need to fight them after stealing it.