How do I connect my HC-06 to my phone?

How do I connect my HC-06 to my phone?

Once the app has been installed, you will need to pair your Bluetooth module to the smartphone. To do this, enter the Bluetooth menu inside Settings, then search for new devices. After a moment the device “HC06” will appear, for example – see the image in this step.

Can HC-06 send data to Android?

HC-06 works on serial communication. The Android app is designed to send serial data to the Arduino Bluetooth module when a button is pressed on the app. The Arduino Bluetooth module at other end receives the data and sends it to the Arduino through the TX pin of the Bluetooth module(connected to RX pin of Arduino).

What is the range of HC-06 Bluetooth module?

<100 meters
HC-06 is a Bluetooth module designed for establishing short range wireless data communication (<100 meters).

How do I transfer data from Arduino to App?

If both devices are coupled, go to the app, pick the HC-05/HC-06 and click the red connect-button. “Arduino Bluetooth Data” should establish a serial connection. In the Arduino-Code you determine on your own which values you want to send to the Android-Device.

What is HC-06 Bluetooth module?

The HC-06 is a class 2 slave Bluetooth module designed for transparent wireless serial communication. Once it is paired to a master Bluetooth device such as PC, smart phones and tablet, its operation becomes transparent to the user. All data received through the serial input is immediately transmitted over the air.

Can HC-06 connect to Iphone?

Hi the iphone is not compatible with the HC-05/06 module because of different bluetooth protocols which Iphone doesn’t allow.

Can Bluetooth module work without Arduino?

The module can be programmed as master or slave device, with AT commands. Use a USB to TTL serial adapter like the FTDI 232 USB adapter, plus a terminal program on your PC to send AT commands and data to the module.

Which Arduino has Bluetooth?

The Arduino BT is an Arduino board with built-in Bluetooth® module, allowing for wireless communication.

How do I connect my phone to Arduino?

How to use the App?

  1. Download the Application form here or here.
  2. Pair your device with HC 05/06 Bluetooth module1) Turn ON HC 05/06 Bluetooth module2) Scan for available device3) Pair to HC 05/06 by entering default password 1234 OR 0000.
  3. Install LED application on your android device.
  4. Open the Application.

How to connect Arduino and hc-06 Bluetooth?

Arduino and HC-06 bluetooth example 1 Go to the Bluetooth icon , right click and select Add a Bluetooth Device 2 Our bluetooth module will appear as HC-06 , select it and click on the Pair button#N#bluetooth1 3 The pairing code is 1234 . On Windows 10 you will see something like this. Click on next and your ready to go More

How many relays can I control with the hc-06 Bluetooth module?

Today I made an Android APP to control 8 relays with Arduino using the HC-06 Bluetooth module. The video just shows 2, but I changed the app! You can control 8 devices/lights with it.

How do I turn the led on/off on the hc-06?

Load the app, connect to the HC-06 and then use the LED button to turn the LED on and off. You can also open the serial monitor to see the commands as they are received